All Gear in a Vendor

Well, you got a point about that; however, FFXVI does raid difficulties only for cosmetics…also as I mention before it won’t kill the current RNG system that you love as treadmil, it’ll work like Dinar system from Shadowlands S4

On a side note, and probably unrelated, I’d love for the return of bonus rolls. Anything to somewhat mitigate RNG.

I think RNG is fine but it’s easy for it to feel excessive and oppressive. Even if they had a vendor that only provided some items would be cool.

Something to consider is, I feel like playing when you’re under geared or poorly geared is different than when you’re playing fully tricked out. I wonder if people would get the gear if they wanted and stop playing, or get the gear they wanted and be motivated to push higher difficulties or push their limits more than they would before. Having nice gear inspires me to engage in the content and doesn’t detract from it.

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What about just experimentation? I liked the Shadowlands legendaries but due to acquisition I only tried 1-2 effects per character, if you can acquire gear specifically, it could work like talents, that you can create a build for a specific scenario or just try different things. Yes you can kill a boss, but then there’s the next difficulty or you want to beat your previous timer in a M+.

I say put the gear on a vendor. Every M+ drops a currency, every raid boss drops a currency.

Get enough currency, buy one piece.

Should be designed such that players generally get enough currency to buy 1, maybe 2, items a week.

ilvl would be based on the content you farmed the currency.

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Nothing like getting disappointed twice on a boss! But I guess the extra gold at least paid for drinks at the inn after raid.


It’s the opportunity to be disappointed twice that I enjoy. :wink:

(Side note, I have a surplus of “resources” and absolutely nothing to spend them on, as most vendor rewards this expansion require raw materials to purchase)

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It would be implemented on DF too … on its last Season.

BFA has 1 weekly Cache… no option. Regardless if you complete 8x Mythic+ or 1x Mythic+ in a week, only 1 option. It brought series of weeks of Garbage Weekly Cache Loots. Titan Residuum was added to ease up gearing.

RNG is RNG. To ease your frustration, stop dreaming of getting all the Best Loots in the game. You wont get it even if you play 24/7 the whole season. But one thing for sure, you would beat your desired difficult content just with enough effort without the Best Gear in the game.

yes, a big element would be lost. and that’s not a bad thing since said element would be “excessive rng with little to no control over how you progress”. wow desperately needs a safety net to prevent burning out spamming keys and certain raid bosses over and over again for a microscopic chance at something they want.

those swords from nokhud? strike twice? 2%. dual wielding, that’s even worse. i have never once seen a single one drop. as for the feather, i’ve probably only seen it drop from a key maybe…never or once. this isn’t ok.

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i wish we could have something that simple…

but ion still thinks a longer timegate on the catalyst is what makes obtaining gear “fulfilling”…(ecks dee)

so i highly doubt that’ll happen :broken_heart:


We also have players that like this kind of time sink…I don’t get it… :man_shrugging: , the game should stand by their own gameplay.

I’d prefer to reach my own goals and do experimentation with diffirent gear builds

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Yeah, this is my recollection of the dev mindset: You love RNG because a small % of you will gush over getting that BiS item before others got it.

The counterpart to that sentiment is that a large % of you will feel disappointment when you don’t get it early & ever-increasing frustration that you finally get a drop, but it’s a piece you already have (or for group loot in raid, you just don’t bother to roll).

I mean if the devs really believe in RNG gearing for PvE, but deterministic for PvP because “there still is that excitement in that first month of getting that [valued PvE] piece.” then I think the likelihood of a PvE gear vendor is near zero.

Design of core gameplay attributes should attempt to encompass the vast majority of players and their varying playstyles, interests, and skills. That can and should be skewed to cater to the largest segment of paying subscribers. Designing around world-first raiders representing <1% of paying subscribers is a bad business model.


You can’t have the lows without the highs. Putting gear on a vendor is basically antidepressants for gaming.

I think something like Dinars, opening up with or around the catalyst would be a decent compromise.

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ive literally been after one ICC piece for nearly a decade. Id love to see gear on a vendor. ESPECIALLY old tier.

It’d be great, but it would also definitely reduce retention more than what Blizzard wants to.

We should have at least slightly inferior gear available for DKP though.

just bring a vendor back only people whining about gear are pve players guess what a vendor for pvp gear works great imagine. some of you are freaking ridiculous just let the game die never change the damn vendor in wrath was loved but no don’t add vendors lol. vault is just as disappointing as the one chest was screwed just as bad. i’m just glad my gear addiction is gone and i hardly play anymore the games actually more enjoyable nowadays cause yes we keep making poor excuses and how where going to fix rng and never do it the vault fixed nothing.

Well, I said it a week ago, just bring all the M+ items and Raid items to vendors with a system similar to S4 Dinar.

the new “gear” path doesn’t even allow to upgrade pieces from normal to heroic-mythic, while the Dinar system on S4 had an item that if you earn it on higher difficulty you could change your piece to that difficulty.

this new gear upgrade system just bring another layer of RNG and makes more difficult the grind for those players that want BIS gear or just try a specific item during the season.

Log parsing only matters if the developers balance the game around parse logs. They make the deliberate decision to make fights with razor thin margins that are barely possible. That comes with consequences in regards to how people will use them. The main consequence is that almost no one will use them. The tiny minority who do, they wouldn’t use them either if they couldn’t parse logs on them and try to figure out how to beat them as if they were not intended to be difficult. Bleeding edge balanced boss fights break people into two camps, those who can admit they hate them, and those who hate them but can’t admit it.

It’d depend on acquisition rate. If some LFR open worlde wuesting casual walked out of a patch with an item or two it’s NBD. If he can get full bis then it invalidates higher up content and makes the people doing it feel like they’re wasting their time.

This would be the greatest thing to happen to wow. I was hoping they’d do this after S4 Shadowlands.

i’d personally start doing endgame again if they had a vendor to many people in discord getting screwed over with this awesome gear system letting their frustrations out but everything is great. vendors when?