A'lar is doing Charge+Melee instead of Charge+Flame Buffet

its not suppose to melee swing its charge target

That’s not what’s happening here. There is no melee involved in pre-nerf A’lar’s phase 2 charge ability.

The problem lies in the classic client itself and has been an issue for 2+ years now. Any mob that charges a target while having a melee swing ready to hit, will melee the charge target before returning to it’s top threat target. This is not the intended game design, it’s not how it worked in vanilla or TBC, however it’s been a known bug that’s become much more prolific in TBC with the number of charging mobs and the much higher melee damage from level 70 dungeon and raid mobs.

This issue needs to be fixed, but likely can not be due to the base client… so this “pre-nerf / working as intended” blue post covers it for A’lar at least.

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This guy gets it. Charge has been bugged the entire time yet blizzard keeps saying “not a bug” just so they dont have to deal with it.

In Wednesdays raid i was charged and Melee’d TWICE. Dead in under 2 seconds.


On Saturday i was charged and melee one-shotted by A’lar. Dead in under 1 second.

It was never a big deal in vanilla because there just weren’t a lot of charges in PvE encounters. But they’re everywhere in TBC and its becoming a problem.

They now have 2 things listed on their “not a bug” list that ARE in fact bugs.

Yeah pretty retarded. Last night A’lar literally chose each of our hunters 1 by 1 and 1 shotting them with a 14k dmg hit after charge. Nothing we can do.

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this right here proves its a bug:


I had done absolutely nothing, generated no active threat. Yet I was immediately charged & melee’d, so I ice blocked to drop its target, quickly canceled ice block since i had no threat meaning ice block’s target swap should put me below whatever its new target was, yet I was melee’d again … all within 2s of a charge. This makes no sense in the context of game mechanics.

  1. Not supposed to charge & melee, let alone twice

  2. Ice block should cancel targeting, and since i had 0 threat on anything, whoever it diverted its target to should have had minimum 110% threat

The charge+melee is forcing targeting on that charge target for at least 2s. That was never how charge worked. It should be charge → immediately revert back to previous target when charge lands. Having ice blocked between 2 melee attacks proves the targeting is bugged.

It worked like this in original TBC where any charge mechanic bosses and creatures could melee cause they changed their target.

I think this is probably why alot of those mechanics were nerfed and deleted before, all of that was changed in later expansions you’re probably thinking of.

hmmm who to believe