Aim Shot Fix (MM Fix)

(Shaytime) #1

So i’ve been thinking alot lately about why MM feels bad. Alot of it for me has to do with how sometimes Aim Shot hits hard and other times it feels like a wet noodle still. Theres games in arena where my average damage AIS is 15k and max 25k. Then theres games were i get an insane crit for like 50-60k.

With Aim shot being a Stationary 2.5 Second cast with you “Aiming” If you’re taking so much time to aim your shot should’nt it be a Guaranteed Crit? Locks get to have Guaranteed Crit on Chaos Bolts. But would’nt it make just as much sense for a “marksman” whos aiming his shot to get a CRIT everytime on AIS?? I feel like if Aim shot was always a Crit the spec would feel so much better and more powerful and even fit Class fantasy better.

(Glastian) #2

I think a sweet mechanic to add would be to let us cast aimed shot while moving. HOWEVER, if we can successfully spend the entire cast time standing still, it becomes a guaranteed Crit. That sounds both more flavorful and mechanically pleasing. We aren’t punished for high movement fights and PvP, but we gain a reward for sitting still and “aiming properly “.

(Nicolaidus) #3

Sounds like Warlords of Draenor MM Hunter. You could cast Aimed Shot while moving and if you stood still for 3 seconds you would get increased dmg, range and crit strike dmg for 6 seconds. They probably wont go back to it as it would kinda be admitting that WoD class dev might be better.

(Shaytime) #4

Thisss! Would add so much more skill as well. Knowing when you can plant your feet for stronger aim shots or when you need to cast while moving but since you didn’t stand still for a better aim it doesn’t do as much dmg

(Glastian) #5

WoD got a lot of things wrong, but class design was interesting, and we had plenty of choices. Prot Warriors remember the expansion more fondly than most. I enjoyed Clarity of Power. Fist Weaving was popular for the Mist Weaver Monks. It wasn’t the most balanced expansion, but class design was fun at least.

(Rahca) #6

Sniper shot is no better and is a waste of a PvP talent

(Shaytime) #7

sniper shot is too long of a cast time and too much focus cost for only doing 20% hp


lmao WoD class design we all complained about being crap… boy oh boy did we not know what true garbage was until now… The fact I’d give my right pinky for wod back… over bfa class design… yeesh

(Beefköw) #9

It was the lack of content that made us believe WOD was garbage.

Class design was good.