Aiding the Accord

For some reason, I can’t pick up “Aiding the Accord” on my warlock since 10.2 came out. I can accept the quest on my main, monk, and all my other alts, death knight, shaman, hunter, and evoker. While on my warlock, his quest shows on the map, hovering my cursor over Therazal in Valdrakken shows the yellow “!” icon, but he wont speak to me, nor can I accept the quest through the adventure guide… it just opens up my map.

Anyone know a fix or the reason?

Did you complete the “Orientation: Valdrakken” Quest on this character? I think some intro quests for the city block the new “Aiding the Accord” interface panel, so maybe check for unfinished business in Valdrakken.

I’ve gained reputation with all factions on my warlock, and done most of the dragon isle’s campaign on the warlock. As for basic orientation quests? I think so, but I will double check at each faction hub. He was capable of doing “Aiding the Accord” before 10.2 released.

Just Valdrakken and I know we could accept the Weekly before 10.2, earn rep, etc… On your other characters, you saw the new interface panel for “Aiding the Accord” where we can choose now (Superbloom | Old Event Rotation | Renown for <70s), and this panel seems to be unavailable when certain quest(s) are not completed individually.

Well, I am at a loss then! The Orientation quest is not available for him to pick up, and I tried running this just now " /run print(C_QuestLog.IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(72406)) " for Valdrakken Orientation and that returns as ‘true’.

What other quest could need to be done? I played through the pre-Emerald Dream campaign and and he’s at 6/7 chapter progression for the Emerald Dream.

Were you able to resolve this? I have the same exact issue. It shows me that Valdrakken Orientation is done. The weird thing I Blizzard support says I’m on the “Aiding the Accord” quest but it’s not in my log at all. I cleared all the UI and it still shows it missing

I don’t know if this is fixed, but what I experienced recently…

I saw that weird exclamation mark with no interaction on Therazal when I already completed the “Aiding the Accord” Weekly. Combined with my SavedInstances AddOn not tracking this Weekly right now (it’s kinda weird, they flag every possible Aiding the Accord variant complete) and maybe a lot of alts, I could think I was not able to accept it.

No offense, but maybe this happened to you too? You can check the quest completion with this script:
/run print(C_QuestLog.IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(78861))

I believe the situation with your warlock (if you haven’t solved it yourself yet), is that your quest log has a hidden copy of the Aiding the Accord quest from before the patch. I have had this same issue with my hunter, and I was not able to pick up the new version of Aiding the Accord on her until I purged her quest log entirely, using a macro to abandon all her quests.

From this forum post the macro there cleared her log, and i have now been able to pick up the Aiding the Accord quest again. Note that this will purge everything in your log, including any account wide quests, should do you pet battles or the like. Make sure you finish off anything that is in progress before you wipe your log.

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This did it! Thank you so much!!

I had given up on this issue and thought it’s reset day, I’ll try fiddling with it again. Still wasn’t able to pick it up, and decided to check this post again.

/run for i = 1, C_QuestLog.GetNumQuestLogEntries() do local qid = C_QuestLog.GetQuestIDForLogIndex(i); C_QuestLog.SetSelectedQuest(qid); C_QuestLog.SetAbandonQuest(); C_QuestLog.AbandonQuest(); end

is the copy pasted macro for clearing your quest log, it did the trick. I’m guessing maybe i had the old “aiding the accord” still in my log before they changed it to pick a version to ‘aid the accord’

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