Ahoy there, I'm the boat guy

If you’ve traveled through the harbor towns of Menethil and Theramore Isle, then you’ve probably ran into me at some point.

Hello there, I’m Dartlic, and I’m the boat guy.

Usually I’ll dedicate an hour to roleplaying on the boat or whenever I’m absolutely bored out of my gourd with leveling, I do it because getting the whispers from people saying that I’ve made their night or how much they appreciate someone like my character make it absolutely worthwhile and make me so darn happy!

I’m lucky enough that I haven’t gotten trolls yet, so that’s a good thing lol

If you wanna shoot me a message on discord, feel free to message me anytime at @AdmiralBoreal#7360


Hey, Ensign! I saw you over the weekend. It was great to have you on the boat from Menethil to Theramore; it inspired a brief moment of RP in people. We could definitely use more like you.

On that particular trip, some Night Elf was running down the Menethil pier yelling, “Don’t you dare leave without me!” Of course you had to leave; the boat has a schedule to keep! And boy was she cursing your name as the wind caught in the sails. Mina laughed heartily at that. Time and the seas wait for no one!


I saw you this weekend during my travels and it made my day. =)


I was merely inspecting your sails after I scaled the mast. :wink:


I saw you and thought you were an NPC! You were awesome :slightly_smiling_face:


And to think I plied you with Rumsey Rum Black label and cast unending breath on everyone because of how unsafe ships are… no offense, and I hope you were ok performing your duties drunk. safety first!

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Aha, I figured out how to put my classic character in.

In the Greenjacket’s Manual, Chapter Two: Section 4C, it stipulates that: -

Intoxication on Duty
If by any means one of your sailors or marines should show signs of intoxication, you shall report them to the chain of command immediately. Safety and security are ranked on the upper echelons of mission priority, one drink isn’t enough to risk it all.

As you can see, drinking while standing watch isn’t in the best interest for me, the captain, my shipmates and of course, my passengers!

I disagree. I think it is in the passengers’ best interest for them to drink while you’re on duty. =). But next time I’ll give you some moonberry juice or something instead. We don’t want our ship ending up like the countless others that litter the bottom of the ocean.

Ahoy there boat guy! I ran into you a few days ago and you were fantastic! Well played! :smiley:

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Right on, Dartlic. This is something single player or AI, I don’t think can replicate.

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Was on a boat the other night and Dartlic was there. Such a cute roleplay. Really livens things up on the boat. It is too bad that there isn’t a longer boat ride or one that doesn’t go through a loading screen. Would be really nice to get to interact more, especially if there were more PC crew members. :slight_smile:


If we had longer boat rides, I would absolutely love it.

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Psh. This is an RP server! We can RP as if the boat ride is longer. :sunglasses:

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It would be super fun! The only one boat ride that doesn’t pass through a loading screen is the Auberdine to Teldrassil one, I think. If we had something like the turtle boat one in Northrend that goes from Howling Fjord to Dragonblight(?), that would be so fantastic!

We could always roleplay it as a longer ride (as Wilhelmina said), however, having that loading screen every few minutes can become annoying. :frowning:

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I’ll be on tonight for a spell or two, come say hi!

Sadly I work weekday evenings. :sleepy: But, ship RP during the weekend sounds fun! We could try the ship that goes between Auberdine and Teldrassil, as Miracle mentioned, or one of the stationary ships that sits in port by Menethil or Theramore.

i totally farted on your boat yesterday. sorry about that.

Like the winds that blow our sails, a breeze shall rightly go
Across the seas it travels, as it twirls to and fro
Winds collide with wood, come howling from the planks!
Merely carry away a fart, to which the ship’s crew thanks