Ahoy! NA Reroll starting March 25, 2022. Bloodsail Buccaneers RP-PVE

Calling all TBC latecomers, WotLK-preppers, serial alt-creators, RPers, Moms, Dads, and casuals. We have started a reroll project on Bloodsail Buccaneers that kicks off March 25, 2022.

Why not a dead server so it’s F R E S H? Experience has shown reroll projects on dead servers never generate the critical mass of players needed to form a sustainable community. A small server avoids the drawbacks of megaservers (no boosting, few bots, normal economy) while providing a home if your re-roll partners fall off.

Why Bloodsail Buccaneers? This is one of the friendliest servers you’ll ever join. We scheduled the AQ gate-opening for a Saturday morning. You can join a PuG for world bosses. We’re providing bags to those re-rollers that want them. An RP server attracts some pretty chill people, so if that’s you, come play with us.

Do I have to RP? No. Most players do not. But there are RP guilds that hold weekly events. Check with them if that’s what you’re after.

What if I want to start before March 25? That’s fine. We’re already getting rerolls from the slow-levelers who don’t want to be left behind. March 25 is just the target date for people who want to kick off all at once, and the date we’ll have players stationed to hand out bags.

What are the guilds like? We’ll be sponsoring anyone who wants to start their own. But as far as who is here, we have several social and RP guilds (Strongale Company, Felhound’s Rest, Eternity’s End, Lotus Accord). There is also the five-raid-teams-mega-guild (Valhalla). The clear-content-first-night guild (Singular Focus). The weekend raiders (Serendipty, House). The late-night raiders (Late Night). There are tons of OG guilds (Mutiny, Sentinels, Oath, Stardust Crusaders, Twilight Euphoria, Hold the Line, etc.). There are new-for-TBC guilds (Flux, Defiant, Mandatory Fun, Dopamine, etc). And we have the most exclusive meme guild (Jon’s Pillow).

Wasn’t Bloodsail Buccaneers the hardcore server? It was. Most of them have moved on to SoM. You can play HC, but this will not be a HC reroll.

So if this sounds like your thing, then come join us!


How can i join in?

Some folks are already joining, there is nothing to join like a guild per say. I am sure activity will inncrease and you will see folks looking for groups and guilds that evening. This is a regularly more quiet server during the daytime so it depends when you decide to log on.

I suspect/hope you were using the term ‘dead server’ ironically. You see, we’re only mostly dead. /Miracle Max

ok thank you!