[A/H/N-RP] Azeroth Healers Association - An Apple a Day Keeps Magni Away!

Azeroth Healers Association; graphic by Mirchea

Azeroth Healers Association

A community for furthering medic and medical roleplay.
Azeroth always needs healers. From a random stabbing in a back alley to mass casualty events like a large battle or an industrial accident, or even a farmer being gored by a boar, the denizens of Azeroth will always have need of those with a certain set of skills.

Organic mechanics. Doctors. Priests of the Holy Light or even the Forgotten Shadow. Practitioners of chi, alchemists, fleshcrafters, tailors who make bandages, veterinarians, engineers, worshipers of Elune, An’she and various loa, even those with no more knowledge than ‘keep the insides from going outside’ and more - all are welcome in this community.

If you’re looking to roleplay a medic, if you’re looking for connections, if you’re looking for sources both lore-based and OOC-based to further your own writing abilities and knowledge, if you’re looking for organized roleplay events with medical training spanning from basic first aid to how to handle a mass casualty event, look no further. We aim to do that and maybe even more.

But we can’t do it without you, a community of those willing to help each other. Horde, Alliance, Neutral - it doesn’t matter. All are welcome here.


Discord: https://discord.gg/4FzyuktB7m
Lead Admin: Corta Nosesplitter Corta#1970
Admin: Kahshra Warthirst Doc#2782
Bot Bully: Mirchea Kul'Therin Mirchea#1392
Moderator: Athelar Valaryon Athelar#9437
Moderator: Aliraylena Silverstream Bramblestar#5363

A Few Notes

See the Discord for the usual, standard rules.
Though several of our members are IRL medical professionals, we do not condone the giving of medical advice for IRL situations other than 'speak to your doctor' or 'call emergency services'. Members found to be giving medical advice via this project, solicited or otherwise, will be removed from it.
We do not condone gatekeeping. You do not have to have IRL experience or knowledge to RP a medic in a game for pretend fun-times. If you do have IRL experience, feel free to share that knowledge if you like and the other person(s) are open to it, but do not shun others.
This is a RP project for an online game and is meant to be for fun. This medium has its limits. Do not apply IRL standards of care, procedures, or expectations onto RP. Doing so is simply not fair to those you are RPing with. These things can be used to enhance your own RP, but don't push it onto others.
Be fair and kind to others. If you are unable to do so, step away and do something else for a bit. We aim to foster a positive community; everyone gets upset sometimes, and heated discussions happen - we just ask that you be mature about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Weren't you guys the Azeroth Red Cross before? Yes! However, we were alerted to the fact that the actual Red Cross/Red Crescent name and symbol is protected under international law, and the organization asks games and others to please not use that symbol. Totally understandable, so we changed it! You can read more about that here:


How can I help? Well first of all, by joining the Discord! Second, by being willing to work together with others. We do plan on putting on events mentioned earlier in this post, so keep an eye out for those and just ask if you can help out!
What does it do, and how’s it accomplished? Through open discourse and sharing knowledge all participants are empowered with basic through advanced concepts of healthcare related role play.
This section may change later; FAQs are generally evolving things!

See you in the medbay!

I’m poud of you too buddy :slight_smile:
AHA is off the ground! Good luck and remember…



AHA you say?


Super excited for this!


Gryphon Doctor reporting for bird duty Salutes
:bird: :bird: :bird: :bird:


We are having our first ever IC gathering on Tuesday, May 31st at 7:30ST, in Old Dalaran’s park (Northrend Dal)! Neutral event, all healers and healer-types are welcome.

Just a basic meet and greet, get-to-know-one-another, connection-building social sorta thing. As well as bouncing ideas around ICly!


As a healer, I totally support this even if I’m not going to be participating.

Keep on keepin’ on, healers! They’ll live to fight another day!

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Our first gathering has been pushed to Thursday in light of the patch being released on Tuesday! Same time and place!