<A>/<H> Weekenders Raiding LFM Dragonflight AotC/KSM Casuals!

Welcome Angel! We have about a half dozen new horde members just in the first few days of the patch. We will do our best to support ya and help ya have fun!

Bump for 11/11 Normal and 3/11 Heroic SoFO!

Come join our active, fun community and enjoy the Weekend(ers) feel every day! :wink:

Don’t forget about our robust Mythic+ schedule!


Wednesday 8p activities Mythic 10+ dungeon groups (for timers)

Thurs 8p activities: Mythic 15+ dungeon groups (for timers)

Monday 8p activities: “Baby Keys” Mythic 2-9 dungeon groups; Timewalking when up

Current Needs: Community members willing to organize and attend PVP (rated and non-rated) activities, including Warmode activities! We can always use more Community members to participate in all our well attended Mythic+ activities!

Contact: Chelives#1291, Cheheals, Chelives, Chelito…all the Che’s on Gilneas server!

Still looking for more to enjoy the Weekend(ers) every day! :wink:

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the link is not working for me. says expired

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Same, I’d love to join this on my Resto Druid =D

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Hi Caru and Playmate! Ok lemme fix this link real quick!

Ok the link is fixed. Thanks for poitning it out…had it set on 50 uses and they all got used up! Try the new links above or this one:


Thanks =D, got in on my druid :slight_smile: (This is playmate)

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Welcome everyone! It’s great having you with us!

Still looking for more to enjoy the Weekend(ers) every day! :wink:

I’ve raided and played with this Community since cross faction opened up and so far I’m having a blast. If anyone has been hesitant to join for whatever reason (skill level, faction, being shy) just give it a try!

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…and thanks to Jeys and many other Community members, we’re 4/11 H SoFO now!

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5/11 Heroic SoFO now and our fun, friendly Community continues to grow! Come join us for some casual raiding, Mythic+, and everything else!

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Always looking for more as we close in on 500 members!

Time for a bump as we are now 6/11 Heroic SoFO!

Come join us for some fun times and boss kills!

Season 4 is here! Join us for some fun Fated Raids on Saturday and Sunday 130p-4p EDT! We will be lazer-focuzed on Fated Raids! Lol…no, really we will do them every weekend. Promise!

Come get your slime kitty all!

Joy and happiness abounds as we continue to grow, find new friends, and get things done in supportive, stress-free environment! Come join us!

Is it all right to join if I’m not 60 yet or are you only looking for max lvl?

Feel free to join Skull! This is a good time to work on leveling toons as we near the next expansion imo!

Fates of the Shadowlands completed for nearly all Community members that wanted it! Jello Kitties all around and a good time was had by all :laughing:

Join an active, successful Community that knows how to be inclusive and have fun doing it!

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