<A/H> Weekenders are recruiting Season 4 KSMs and Awakened Raiders!

Weekenders are ready to rock and welcoming you! New, returning, or somewhere in between, you’ll find a happy home here! Check us out!

Our Mythic+ activities are well attended and there’s many groups going on Tues/Wed/Thurs/Mon! Come check us out!

We’re 4/8 Normal so far in Vault of the Incarnates! There’s room for healers and solid DPS!

Starting Heroic bosses on Sunday 01/08. Come check us out!

We’re 7/8 Normal now, so why not!?! We’ll keep working on Raz on Saturdays.

2/8 Heroic now and there’s a lot interest! Maybe you’re interested too!? C’mon and check us out!

3/8 Heroic VotI now! Looking for strong players to help us get to AotC!

5/8 Heroic now! It’s not too late to join and get your AotC with us!

Join us for fun and more as we are 6/8 Heroic now!

AotC is upon us! 7/8 Heroic now! Join us for some fun farming and a few Mythic bosses until the new raid hits! We will do Normal Achievement runs too for the VotI mount!

If you are set on joining us as a cross faction member, please remember to add me in BNet at CheLives#1291 first. This will make the process much smoother! We look forward to seeing you!

We’re 4/9 Heroic Aberrus and our expanded Mythic+ nights on Mondays and Thursdays 8p EDT are a hit! Come join us!

5/9 Heroic and ready to finalize this team and hit AotC soon! Don’t miss out, join now!

Mythic+ groups have expanded and include 2 more days! There’s room for more and we can use more tanks to fill out all our groups!

No need to keep pugging! Group up consistently with nice people who actually enjoy the game and playing with others. There’s room for more positive people now!

Join us for the fun! Stay for the awesome Guildies!

7/9 Heroic now and AotC is nearly here!

Come check us out and add to your ever-growing collection! We have added XMog and Mount Chasing runs on a weekly basis now!

Have fun all and if you’re not “_____ of the Infinite” yet, come join one of our groups and get it!

Unlike many other Guilds, Weekenders will continue farming Heroic Aberrus till 10.2 hits! If you’re in need AotC and are looking for a place to learn and prepare for the next raid, join us! We have spots on the raid team open for those willing to earn them.

We are not offering “carries” but are offering opportunities for players to join a successful, mature, and fun team to play with. And, we’re serious about running Mythic+ Keys, at every level too! Check us out, there’s still plenty of things to accomplish!

Come try out some Mythic bosses with us in ATSC and get those kills…cause you can!
We’re not Mythic raiders either,
so don’t be shy! We can all have some laffs and get some kills before 10.2 hits! Why not!?!

Now that 10.2’s release date has been announced, NOW is the time to get in and earn yourself a spot on our raid team!

Make some new friends and join or create your own Mythic+ team with the support of our large (nearly 1000 players) Community!

Smash that “Join” button and come have some fun! :laughing:

9/9 Normal AtDH now! We’re starting Heroic clearing next weekend. Come join us!

2/9 Heroic AtDH! Join us get your AotC!

5/9 Heroic and LF a few healers to keep our raid at 25!