[A/H] [US Ner’zhul] <School for Wayward Girls> Looking for all (LBGTQ+)

:rainbow: Join Us! School for Wayward Girls - Celebrating Diversity & Inclusivity :rainbow:

Greetings, adventurers!

Are you seeking more than just a guild? Do you want to be part of a community that values diversity, embraces inclusivity, and stands proudly for equality? Look no further! School for Wayward Girls is here to provide a safe haven for all LGBTQ+ players and allies who share our passion for gaming and acceptance.

:star2: About Us :star2:

We are a predominantly queer/LGBTQ+ adult guild on Ner’zhul. We have members interested in most types of content that WoW has to offer. Our members have a lot of experience with past raid tiers, running keys, and PvPing.

We currently raid Friday nights at 9 pm cst! We also run mythics on Saturdays at 8 pm cst for those looking to get KSM.

We are looking to flesh out our raid team for Amirdrassil and would love to have you!

At School for Wayward Girls, we believe in creating a space where everyone can be their authentic selves. We welcome players of all orientations, identities, and backgrounds.

What is most important to us is that we maintain a tight-knit community of people who feel safe and enjoy playing together.

Our guild is more than just a place to raid or quest; it’s a supportive family where your voice matters and your presence makes a difference.

Our connected realms are realms Cairne, Cenarius, Frostmane, Korgath, Perenolde, Tortheldrin. We also offer an in-game community for those looking for a friendly place to hang out and find people to run stuff.

:rainbow_flag: What We Offer :rainbow_flag:

:sparkles: A Welcoming Community: Join a warm and friendly group of individuals who share your values.
:sparkles: Inclusive Events: Participate in LGBTQ+ themed events, discussions, and activities.
:sparkles: Raiding and Progression: Engage in end-game content with a group that appreciates your skills and dedication.
:sparkles: Knowledge Sharing: Learn and grow together through our wealth of gaming expertise.
:sparkles: Safe Space: Enjoy a judgment-free environment where respect and kindness prevail.
:sparkles: Enjoy games with us outside of WoW! We play Labyrinthine, Jackbox Games, Dead by Daylight, Demonologist and more!

:speech_balloon: How to Join :speech_balloon:

Joining School for Wayward Girls is easy!

If you are interested, you can find us in the Guild Finder or join us on our discord server (discord DOT gg SLASH CTC3nbxwhz). Once in the discord an officer will reach out to you as soon as they are able!

Our officers are here to welcome you, answer your questions, and help you feel at home.

We look forward to getting to know you!


Come join us! We are a lot of fun!

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Great guild! Super fun people!!!

We are hosting an LGBTQ+ meet-up at Blizzcon - come say hi if you’ll be there, we would love to meet you!

See https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/blizzcon/t/lgbtq-wow-players-unite/2903 for more info!

Looking for a couple of healers to join our ranks!

Join us for our first jaunt into Amirdrassil this Friday, 9 pm cst!

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We’d love to see you in our community :purple_heart:

8/9 normal in just two raid sessions! We will be progressing through heroic in no time, come join us!

I love this guild! Looking forward to getting into Heroic Amirdrassil!

Love everyone in this Guild. <3

Skilled group of players - all accomodating and respectful. 10/10

You’re late, young one. Where does your schedule say you need to be?

… you don’t have one? Well then, come with me, and I’ll help you sign up for classes. Everyone is welcome at the School for Wayward Girls.

(Heroic Larodar in Amirdrassil down this week, so that puts us at 4/9! Come help us!)