[A/H] Up-to-date RP Guild Listings


I am starting a thread here to keep a kind of ‘living document’ for all RP-focused/friendly guilds on the server.

These are not recruiting adverts, just listing the names, guild themes (RP-PvP/PvE/Race/class-specific, etc), and in-game contact info.

Respond below, and I will do what I can to keep this post edited with new info/updates/contacts. All listings are in alphabetical order.

Please note I am making no value judgements here, other than limiting this list to those guilds with a fairly consistent RP presence, decent server reputations, and active memberships. If you have been omitted due to error on my part, reply to the thread with the info you’d like put out there.

No omission is intentional.

---------------Horde RP Guilds:---------------

<Brotherhood of Blades> — Rogue-themed —Contact Sharptusk

<Burning Rage Clan> ---------- PvP Orc-themed — Contact Rommash

<Landlubbers> ------------------- PvP Pirate-themed — Contact Ysha or Yda

<Order of the Forsaken> ----- Forsaken — Contact Skullcap

<Thunderhoof Tribe> ---------- Tauren-themed — Contact Aovi

<The Resistance> ---------------- PvPvE — Contact Gutlug

<Horde Paranormal Society> PvPvE — Contact Domiknitrix

<Whitewolf Warband> --------- PvPvE — Contact Moargor

---------------Alliance RP Guilds:---------------

<Firewater Syndicate> -------- PvE — Contact Garrison

<Keepers of Stromgarde> — PvP — Contact Calvorican

<Soltari> ---------------------------- PvE — Contact Kujang

<Tempo> ---------------------------- PvE — Contact Morrya

<Vengeance of Elune> --------- PvPvE Night Elf-themed — Contact Skorpius

<Winterforge Clan> ------------- Dwarf/Gnome-themed — Contact Hagrim


For tonight we shall low our axes and salute your iniciative.