AH Unusable

I don’t think it was appropriate for Blizzard to close the bug report regarding the AH not functioning. Whatever the intention of the “fix”, it has completely broken the AH, making it extremely tedious to list any unstackable items.

Users are rightly going to come to this forum looking for information on the AH which appears to be broken, with 0 communication from Blizzard.

Please keep up posts relating to the AH being unresponsive and broken until action has been taken to correct the changes and restore a functional economy.


It’s not a bug. Therefore, threads about it don’t belong in Bug Reports.

There are several threads in General Discussion you could continue this discussion.

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Blizzard can choose to describe it as an intentional change. Users are having a broken experience and will come to this forum seeking information on why a core in game system is misbehaving.

The players feelings about an intentional change don’t make it a bug. If it’s doing what the developers mean it to do, it can never be a bug, no matter how much it annoys the users.

QA will not forward any of this to the developers. You’re wasting your eloquence.

Literally unplayable

Users reporting intentional changes as a bug is exactly the type of thing that causes developers to reconsider whether a change was implemented correctly or had the intended effects.

And regardless, there are users who are going to continue to report this behavior because it manifests as a broken experience. Having threads for them to understand that others are experiencing the same issue is helpful so that they can realize that this was the result of a developer change and not some issue on their end.

The developers will never see your complaints. QA gatekeeps this forum, and knows better than to forward a non-bug to the devs.

Complaining here is futile.

Use a non-support forum, like Professions or General Discussion. The devs see complaints there.

There’s a good reason why this thread was locked.

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It’s absolutely absurd, and breaking TSM will make the auction house LESS useful even for people who NEVER use it. TSM allows posting of large numbers of items and cancellation of those orders in a reasonably swift manner. That leads to a MORE efficient market and better competition.

Buyers – the customers Blizz says it’s protecting here – will actually suffer from an auction house that is harder for sellers to use.

The only person this helps, and helps only infinitesimally, is the person who only posts a few items a week and isn’t interested in the AH as a gameplay system, just as a way to dump crap from their bags.

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There are many aspects of WoW that attract people: PVP, Questing, Community, Leveling, Gearing up, etc. For me, I’ve often looked at playing the auction house as my own form of PVP - Economic PVP. I get a great deal of enjoyment from it, which is both profitable AND fun. Compromising, nay, obliterating this aspect of my enjoyment of the game will alienate it. I’ll have to cancel both my accounts since this “fix” eliminates virtually half the enjoyment I get from the game.

When WoW increased the capacity of and sped up the Mailbox delivery and changed the AH format to make undercutting much less necessary, I felt that was a measured and reasonable change- Bravo! But this last change seems unnecessarily punitive. Sure, do a bot purge, or go after some of the multi-box players (in spite of them supporting all those multi accounts), but whether you use an AH add-on or not, you still have to invest time and effort on the AH to get value from it. You only get out of it what you are willing to put into it - why punish those who are willing to contribute the effort to maximize their enjoyment and value from the game?

Please reconsider the AH “fix”.

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I was able to use the AH today. Was it unusable?

I’m actually thinking of unsubbing I don’t have the time to post 1000’s of auctions to get the longboi in time!
Which is the main reason I’m playing right now!

Blizz moved this thread to General Discussion so that users who come to the bug reports section looking to understand why the AH has stopped functioning correctly won’t be able to find any information to report their issues.

Meanwhile there’s 1000s of posts on the topic and they have continued to not address it :frowning: