[A/H] <Uncommon> 9/9H AOTC/M+/Casual guild LF DPS and Healer for 10.2 ~ Wed 8-10pm ET / Fri 8-11pm ET

Who we are:

We are a group of (generally) older players who are looking to build a base of friends to play the game with. Our goal is to enjoy the game while focusing on the people, not the performance - we believe in quality over quantity. One of our focuses is to create a supportive, drama-and-elitist-free environment.

We are inclusive and are built around the idea that we genuinely want to be around one another - not just punching a timeclock a couple of times a week. Some of us have been playing since Vanilla, BC and Wrath. Many of us have families and careers. Our community is one where our members are outgoing, helpful, friendly, and don’t take things too seriously. We’re not sweaty, but we get things done.

While we are not cutting edge, we are a group of players that strive to put forth our best to conquer the goals in front of us - not a ‘raid guild’ per se, but more of a ‘guild that raids together’.

We’re not a big guild nor we want to be one, but we’re decently active, all things considered. You’ll find members online at all times, but it becomes more active in the evenings.

What we do:


We are an AOTC Guild, currently 9/9H (AOTC) in Aberrus, and 8/8H (AOTC) in Vault of The Incarnates.

Our raid schedule during progression is:

  • Wednesdays : 8-10PM ET
  • Fridays : 8-11PM ET

We currently have Heroic on farm, so we’re alternating Wednesdays and Fridays to allow our members a well deserved break before we restart the grind.

Mythic Plus

We have different goals, some strive for KSM, others for KSH and others for all portals every tier. Keys are generally run nightly, with very few exceptions.

Other Events

Our extra events usually take place during the weekend, when we do megadungeon runs, Timewalking Raids, transmog/achievement runs, more relaxed Aberrus Alt Raids or pretty much whatever comes to our minds in a given week.

Who we are looking for:

As we prepare for Season 3, we are looking for players to join our raid team. Current needs:

  • DPS : mage!

If you’re not interested in raiding, but you feel like our guild would be a good fit for you, contact us anyway! We’re currently doing keys in the 11-20 range, with some members interested in pushing even further during the next season.

If you feel this environment fits what you’re looking for, please reach out to either Darksledge, or Ròk in-game to discuss (Details below).



  • Raid Leader : Darksledge-Stormrage (Battletag: Darksledge#1348)
  • Guild Master : Ròk-Stormrage (Battletag: Rok#12214)

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