[A][H] <Two Girls One Squid>

About Us

  • Two Girls One Squid was formed 2 years ago with the goal of having a place where we can casually enjoy all aspects of the game from PvE/PvP/old content and become friends/family over time.

  • Our biggest goal for the guild is to make friends and family. This is just a game to us, and if you are surrounded by good peeps you will enjoy the game that much more.

  • We are a casual guild, but that doesn’t stop us from doing normal and heroic raids, and doing M15+. We do not stress about going for AoTC for each patch, we either get it or we don’t doesn’t matter to us, but we will definitely try for it. We formed as an Alliance guild, but we are quickly welcoming our horde friends and would be happy to have them with us.

Raid Days/Schedule

  • How we do our raid days/times are a bit unusual. Our raid leader has a work schedule that is always changing. So each week our raid days are a bit different to work around his work schedule. We understand that this isn’t the best set in stone for most people and that’s fine. We always start our raid at 7:30 pm est (6:30 pm Central) and last till 10 pm est (9 pm central). We raid 2 days out of the week, and again the days depend on the raid leader. We do try to give a week’s notice on what days we will be raiding.

What we are looking for

  • We are currently looking for like-minded people that have the same goals/qualities as us, so we can continue to enjoy the game with friends. If you are a casual player that doesn’t want to do m+/raids yet and just want to hang out that’s completely fine as well.

  • For our raid team we are looking for 1 tank and 1 healer to fill our spots for us to continue moving forward. It doesn’t matter what class, just whatever you are more comfortable with.

  • If you have any questions or might want to know a little bit more about our guild or for a guild invite add me on Bnet and we can go from there!


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Posting an update

  • We are now 5/9 HC (almost 6/9)
  • As well we have multiple people with 2k rating in mythic+ and pushing for 2.5k.
  • If you are interested in joining please get with me ingame or send me a friend request via bnet

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Update ^ _ ^

  • We are 9/9 HC been farming full clear for a few weeks now

  • We are currently looking for a tank to fill our raid team spot to continue farming heroic and for next season’s raid.

  • We have several people with 2.5k+ rating and love to do mythic +. If you are interested please get with me ingame or send me a friend request via bnet