[A/H] The Turtles, Mon/Tues 9-11:30pm EST - seeking tank

The Turtles are a group of friends who have been raiding together for the last several years. We’ve achieved AOTC together since the beginning of Legion with the same raid leader and much of the same team. We like new friends!

We’re currently 100% full in raid spots except for one tank spot, but happy to have social or m+ players join also. We don’t recruit for the bench. We are a sociable and friendly group, but focus up for progression fights and then chatter our way through farm. We’re in this to have fun. We want you to have fun, too! That said, we will sit people for progression fights if something is clearly not working out on that fight. The goal is to make things dead reasonably efficiently.

Most of us are on outside of raids, doing keys/alts/achievements/pvp, all sorts of stuff. Prime time is probably 8pm EST - 12am EST for the most activity. Things are quiet right now. I’m pretty sure that’s the case just about everywhere, though.

We are split between Alliance and Horde as some folks wanted to return Hordeside when that opportunity came out. Play what’s fun; we’re happy to include you either way.

We have AOTC for all tiers this expansion including all the Fated raids, and a couple of mythic kills as well. Our priority is AOTC, and we’ll dabble into mythic as we have time and numbers and interest. We raid Mon/Tues, 6-8:30pm PST / 9-11:30pm EST. While we’re happy to have social or non-raid players, right now our raid-time focus is on heroic reclears and/or early mythic.

We’re nearly full for raid, however: we’re still looking for a tank. We’re looking for positive, friendly people and don’t tolerate discrimination of any kind. Be respectful, be helpful, be polite, and have fun! Maybe this sounds like a fit and you’re a tank looking for a home? Let’s talk. Cazenovia#1274 on bnet, Cazenovia#4987 on discord (best), or respond here.

Still looking for a tank?