[A/H] [Stormrage] <Warforged> 9/9H Guild Recruiting dps/healers to prepare for next tier and mythic!

Warforged is a small, beginner friendly, cross-faction, raiding guild on the stormrage server. We are currently looking to recruit to bolster our ranks as we prepare for next tier and build a mythic team!

The guild was formed by a small group of friends returning from skipping much of shadowlands. We are open to anyone that wants to join and are especially interested in new or returning players that would like to relearn the game with us and try to push content in a fun, inclusive, safe environment.

What we expect:
We want to offer a relaxed environment for anyone that wants to come and join so we expect our members to offer the same. We don’t tolerate toxicity or negativity and expect our members to promote a positive image both within the guild and in the community.

We will be taking raiding and pve content seriously. We want people that can kick back, have a beer, and joke around having a good time during trash but that can also get serious and focus during progression. The goal is to get everyone AOTC and then once the team is ready push into mythic. If you want to join and push AOTC that will be a bit more relaxed and the mythic team a bit more serious.

Raid times:
Tuesday 8pm - 10pm
Friday 8pm - 11pm EST

Recruitment & Priority:
Really looking for people with a team based mindset to further expand the core team for next tier. Looking for people that want to get aotc and push into early mythic

Main raid tanks are set. Could definitely use some DPS with tank off-spec or people interested in tanking m+ though.

Druid - Medium
Paladin - High
Evoker - High
Priest - Medium
Shaman - Low

Warrior - High
Hunter - Medium
Paladin - High
Mage - Low
Priest - High
Druid - Closed
Death knight - Medium
Demon hunter - Low
Warlock - Medium
Rogue - High
Monk - Closed
Evoker - High (need dev, Aug is currently closed)
Shaman - High

Experienced players are encouraged to apply even if a class is closed. Also, if you wish to join in a more casual capacity or are looking for only m+, we are open for everyone.

If interested in joining or have any questions contact

Vespine (Discord)
Vespine2#1734 (bnet)

Odwela (Discord)
Odwela#1761 (bnet)

Zonophone (Discord)
Zonophone#1684 (bnet)

Great group. Come join and prepare for 10.2 with us.

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Come join us, great group of people

All are welcome!

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