[A][H] Roleplaying Events March 22-28!

This week’s Roleplaying Events Schedule. All times server time:

Wednesday, March 25:
[A] 8:00PM Taco Twednesday hosted by The Blackbird Ring! Now at the small tavern in Stormwind Park, “The Rook’s Nook." - turn right as soon as you enter the park. Drop in for a table full of tacos (or nachos) and conversation with some of Stormwind’s more shady characters.

Thursday, March 26:
[A] 7:00-8:30PM Tavern in the Park – now christened “Journey’s End” – hosted by Lorith, in the big tavern in Stormwind Park. Friendly, casual tavern RP for all kinds of characters and all levels of roleplayers. Drop in for dinner, drinks, and conversation.

[A] 7:30PM The Travelling Tavern, hosted by Eternity’s End. Find yourself in a different location, meeting new people, each week. Location to be announced – whisper Allette for details.

Friday, March 27:
[A] 8:00PM Alliance Guild Market, Stormwind Park District. Organized by Fiongall of . A number of roleplaying guilds including The Blackbird Ring, The August Coterie, Awakenings, The Lotus Accord, Cult of the Old Gods, Abyssal Assembly, The Dark Blade, and Pride will have representatives present throughout Stormwind Park. Whether you are currently unguilded or looking for that perfect in-character home for an alt, stop by to chat with recruiters and mingle with Bloodsail’s Alliance roleplaying community.

Saturday, March 28:
[H] 7:00 Regale-A-Tale, Brill Tavern, Tirisfal Glades. Hosted by Sisters of Sylvanas. Storytelling night – contact Nesera for further information.

Any further or future events, please let me know!

You can find the calendar and more Bloodsail Buccaneers roleplaying info on the server discord , and don’t forget to /join RP in-game to join the OOC roleplayer’s channel.

Happy Roleplaying!

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