[A/H] <Remission> - Recruiting Healers for AOTC Raiding - 9/9H - Weds 9pm EST

Remission is an ex cutting-edge progression guild, now raiding on a casual schedule. We now focus on 1 day a week, AOTC raiding. With a leadership team that has been raiding at top levels since Vanilla, we are committed to fostering a friendly, helpful, competitive and knowledgeable community that will produce results.

Currently recruiting a few Healers but also welcoming other classes!

Current Progression: 9/9H

Raid Schedule:
Wednesday: 9:00pm – 12:00am EST (Invites at 8:45pm EST)

Off nights are typically used to push keys and assist guildmates with their weekly runs. If raiding isn’t your thing, Remission is also recruiting players specifically for Mythic+.

Positive attitude – Able to accept/provide constructive criticism while avoiding guild drama
Timeliness – Timely pulls will be essential to Raid success
Social – Discord engagement and a sense of humor is appreciated

Final Word:
The majority of Remission is composed of working adults with young families. This results in most activities currently taking place between 6:00pm – 12:00am EST. Remission is also accepting social, mythic + and pvp applicants.

If interested please add shaner3095 on discord! or Bnet: shanehimself#1169

Looking for another healer and any exceptional ranged dps. Come join highly skilled players in an efficient one night clear!

Recruiting a few healers!