[A/H] LF Casual/Achievement/Social Guild

Hi! I’m looking to just relax and play the game with some friends, chase achievements, and just do things for fun. CHILL is the important word here. No competitive prog guilds, no people obsessed with GS or being “the best” at anything.

I have one 80 rogue, and am working on a DK, and would eventually like a druid. Can either transfer or roll from scratch, but would prefer the server to be high or full pop with enough people on your faction that LFD isn’t dead.

Is there anyone left out there who embraces the chill? It’s been really nice to experience this xpac at a reasonable pace, and not at the breakneck speed I was required to back in the old days when I was still raiding.

I’m an active discord user who will happily run dungeons and help with pesky elites and donate lots of the random stuff I farm up to the guild bank. I like to fish! >:D


discord: deltacoz

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Hello Trees! Our guild “Shady Acres” on Westfall Alliance, may be just for you. As a guild, we do not raid, but run dungeons and group together when we can and help each other out. Most of us have a few alts we are leveling and there are usually a few folks on.

Just about anyone in the guild can invite you, so if this sounds good, look us up! Good luck with your search.

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