A/H Frostmourne <Probability> LF DPS | 7/9M | Wed/Thu 7:30-10:30pm

Still seeking a DH or Rogue, other dps welcome to apply too.

BumpBump - still looking for a DH as we head into 10.2

Still recruiting! Starting on Nelth next week, will see where we get with a lil break before hitting next tier hard

Still recruiting, working on Nelth and looking forward to 10.2 as well.

Always on the lookout for great dps :slight_smile:

BumpBump, with 10.2 on the horizon we are more open to general dps. Likely have 1-2 spots in the core team to fill out so encourage anyone interested to reach out :).

@Paelle or @Parobola on discord if you’re keen for a chat.

Bump for 10.2 :slight_smile: