[A/H] Frostmourne <Immortal Ascension> 9/9H 3/9M Recruiting DPS

:small_orange_diamond: WHO WE ARE :small_orange_diamond:

Immortal Ascension is one of the longest running guilds on Frostmourne (more than a decade old!). Our player base does everything from mount runs and old content to pushing high keys and raid. We have a strong core raid team and are looking to continue pushing ourselves in mythic raid :slight_smile: Whilst we are not a CE focussed guild, we aim to get at least half of the mythic bosses with a view to downing as much as possible!

:small_orange_diamond: RAID :small_orange_diamond:

Raid times are 8pm-10.30pm server time (AEDT) on Wednesdays and Thursdays. For Aberrus, we have achieved AOTC and 5/9 mythic. For Amirdrassil we have AOTC on farm and are currently 3/9M.

We are currently looking for talented dps to join the team (priority for a mage and rogue but all classes considered). Experience wise, we would expect that you have some mythic raid experience (so you know what prog life entails) and have cleared the raid on heroic. This isn’t mandatory and new/returning raiders will be considered.

All our raiders are expected to attend all scheduled raids (but of course we will accommodate RL work/home priorities - lots of parents in our guild!), to bring their A game and a positive attitude, and to be respectful to their teammates. We don’t tolerate the BS, so you’ll find yourself guildless real quick if that happens :wink:

:small_orange_diamond: OUTISIDE OF RAID :small_orange_diamond:

When we’re not raiding, you’ll find most of our team pushing keys and running other content. Lots of our guild are 3k+ and are always happy to help gear an alt or level a new toon. We have a variety of key experience in the guild, so everything from 2-25’s are being run on the daily. Our big key pushers this season are currebtlt running 27-28’s!

Many of us are also mount/transmog/achievement fanatics and are always down for old content runs! We’re also a very social guild, and you’ll often find a few of us hanging out in discord, keen for a chat and banter :slight_smile:

:small_orange_diamond: HOW TO JOIN :small_orange_diamond:

If you’re interested, please find us in the guild finder and be sure to note that you saw the recruitment post (and what specifically you would like to join for). Otherwise, feel free to add me on battlenet and we can have a chat Lillithe#11963 :smiley: You can also hop into our discord and pop and application into our ‘Applications’ channel (QMKu3jJq8S).

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‘dance party’

Still recruiting :slightly_smiling_face:

We’ve had one spot come up, ideally for a ranged dps :slight_smile:

These guys go alright

We are currently looking for a priest, shadow pref but would take a healer

any spots for a dps looking to get back into raiding 10.2

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