Ah crapper. Alliance WM is only 15% again. Back to WM off lol


Welp, back to WM off until the 1 time a week I do AOO. Nice fix blizzard.

(Willis) #2

Working as intended.

(Sy) #3

Maybe the populations will stay somewhat balanced this time around.


I bet you it anit.


You understand that ideally the bonus would be equal for both sides, right?

That you SHOULDN’T be getting incentivized and if you are, it’s because warmode has an imbalance?

(Saralocks) #6

Awww, Alliance wants there welfare back again.

(Roxanewatson) #7

Don’t be a coward.


Good. If that’s the reason you were there, we don’t want you.


You’re a disgrace to the Alliance. People like you are why Horde make fun of you guys. Always giving up if things are equal and you don’t have an advantage to help you. Pathetic honestly.

(Roxanewatson) #10

Kinda like how the Alliance made fun of the Horde for doing the #warmodeoff hashtag against Blizzard on Twitter, right?


Just leave it off, you’re obviously not a PVP player if you need a reason to have warmode on other than PVP.

(Aedrid) #12

Did they honestly think that Alliance players would NOT turn WM off when they nerfed the rewards? That they’d realize they COULD organize in numbers vast enough to make Warmode and WPvP possible even without the bribes?

They’re giving Alliance players waaaay too much credit.

This was always going to fail.

(Ravenlea) #13

Alliance should be required to have WM for a set amount of hours per week in order to turn in that 385 quest. If the idea is to get people to turn on WM and actually play with it then make them actually play with it. And I don’t mean spending those hours in instances, but time in the open world. Join us out there, or don’t get freebies. You don’t deserve freebies if 99% of your playtime is in PvE mode.


wowow I’m giving Jaquestiney a like :o

(Wariya) #15

Yeah i am already hearing in communities/trade chat its no longer worth it to turn Wm on for alliance. Lmao

Warmode is just not working for blizzard :rofl::rofl:

(Biamart) #16

Guess my peaceful days are back. It was actually a bit irritating all the raids fights(and lag), at least for a rogue. See you guys in warmode again when the bonus are back.


I suggested a 7 day cooldown on turning warmode on and off several times for both sides so at least those who want to pvp for the sake of pvp’ng could do so and not just for some inflated reward.


Hahahahhahaahahaha. And you guys wonder why we make fun of you for needing your hands held in order to PvP… :rofl:


The incentives for War Mode were just to compensate the player for time lost PvP’ing.

In this case, Alliance players usually spent more time dead, therefor required more compensation. This has since balanced out a bit more, so they’ve adjusted accordingly.

You should only turn on War Mode if you like to PvP, not just because of the rewards.

(Hamstar) #20

That was what Alliance was doing with the 30% bonus.