[A/H] Barthilas <The Collective> Tanks/Healers/DPS

What’s the raid schedule?

Hey :slight_smile:
We have 3 raid teams:
The Gob Squad (Normal): Thurs/Sat 8pm (server time)
The A-Team (Heroic): Thurs/Tues 8:15pm (server time)
MBT (Mythic): Wed/Mon 8:15pm (server time)

People interested in the MBT should contact Monstars (discord id: monstars1) .

We are starting a new raid team with the foces of Heroic raiding moving into mythic raiding.

This raid team will raid Monday & Wednesday 8:15pm to 10:30pm.

Fell free to reach out to me on Discord: so1orage

We also have …

Mythic team: Monday & Wednesday 8:15pm to 10:30pm
Team A: Thursday & Tuseday 8:15pm to 10:30pm
Gob Team: Thursday & Saturday 8:00pm to 10:00
Alt run: (Normal) Saturday 4:00pm & (Heroic) Sunday 4:00pm

Also we have achievements nights, mythic dungeon nights and more…with over 400 members in guild there is always somthing going on. So come join us at The Collective

Can confirm guild actually is a banger

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You’re a banger, would bang :eggplant:

Looking For Tank and Shaman heals for Heroic>Mythic team

Message me if interested :relaxed:
Discord: so1orage

looking for a new home myself as my guild kinda moved and now raids on a friday night which i cant commit to but love raiding so looking for somewhere new. have a dps/heals monk an ele shaman over 430ilvl with AOTC on both. HMU if still looking for more.

Hey there Bigfripp! :slight_smile:

I’m happy to have a chat with you more about the guild to see if it’s a good fit.
Can find me in game on Barthilas (cynters on discordif preferred)

We are taking applications for next session!!!

When do you guys raid

We raid 8pm to 10:30pm Monday & Wednesday,

We have Multiple Raid Teams, Mythic+, PvP, Social & Competitive welcome. Super active community throughout the day and night, All Welcome!!! Message the following for more info

Raid Officer: Yettio#1369
Recruitment Officer: cynters#0234

I am a Lone warrior looking for a guild for patch 10.2, was wondering if I could join the guild and be part of the ranks of The Collective, I have been a tank for multiple mythic raids for almost all expansions. Right now the guild that I have been with has disbanded and decided not to play WOW anymore. I am a 441 Prot Warrior (ONLY NO DPS) ready to be used during patch 10.2! and I am KEEN on the weekend raids and the mythic + runs :slight_smile:

i sent a friend request on discord (Gahii)

Feel free to add me as well so1orage on discord, I am the Co-GM of the guild. I think I did replay to your other post?

Hey there I’m looking for a guild to raid with, I play multiple tanks (mainly druid and dh for now), my current guild has sort of died in the raiding department so I am looking for a guild pushing AOTC and mythic (possibly CE). I have CE experience in Shadowlands and would love an opportunity. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, i am a destruction warlock who is looking for a friendly guild to join to run keys and raid up to heroic. I am currently on aman thul but can look at changing if needed…

Hey there Skymarie!

I’d be happy to chat with you about joining our guild :slight_smile:

This is our updated community post:

Currently our Heroic focused raid team is in need or ranged dps (has no warlocks either!)
If you have any questions further I’m happy to chat on discord with you.

Hey there Layced!

I’d be happy to chat with you on discord (cynters) with you and answer any questions you may have!

Looking for a heroic raid team and mythic plus guild for 10.2 which classes/specs do you need?

Hey Zekkel,

I think our heroic raid team is mainly looking for ranged dps as a priority currently.

Happy to chat with you further on discord if you like (cynters)

Hey mate, Rembeast#1389 - still looking for a DH for CE melle spot