[A][Grobbulus] <Nevermind> Tues/Thurs 6pm PST (45min AQ40)

Nevermind is recruiting for AQ40. We are a speed focused raid team with a 45 minute AQ40 clear and looking to get quicker each week!

Link to our logs

:small_orange_diamond: Loot council
:small_orange_diamond: PvP realm
:small_orange_diamond: Summoning network set up for easy world buffing
:small_orange_diamond: Two raid teams including a more casual weekend raid

Class - Demand Level
Druid - closed
Hunter - Exceptional hunter
Mage - closed
Priest - closed
Rogue - closed
Paladin - High
Warlock - Exceptional Warlock
Warrior - High

Contact me on Battle.net or discord for a short interview at
Battle.net : Tex#1520
Discord : Zach#4434

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still looking to trial a paladin, warlock, and warriors!

Make sure to feed your pet rat before raiding.