Agi vs. AP

I have a 11 str 11 agi head piece, but I just got a 8 str 13 stam headpiece but it adds +32 atk pwer. Should I prioritize the AGI over the AP boost as a Rogue?

AGI gives you crit rating and damage, AP gives you damage. AGI may also give you to-hit, but don’t quote me on that.

It’s pretty close… it depends if the crit gained from agility compensates for the AP…

my gut feeling is the AP gear is better or at least very close… you at least get the stamina as a bonus

1st piece gives +33 Ap plus 11 agi worth of crit… the 2nd gives +40 AP and 11 stamina

Well using the AGI gear, I can get my crit up to 16.1. If that compensates for the AP, I’m not sure. Because the +32 boost gives me 450 AP compared to 432.

Agility and strength give AP as well

Btw I’m comparing White Bandit Mask with Embrace of the Lycan for ref.

Look up agility equivalence points for your class.

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AP is just as good as Stg. You’re not alliance so there is no +% of a certain stat you get from Kings or something similar that I know of.

I would take the +AP at this point.

I don’t recall rogues in 1.12 but if you have any special abilities that proc off crits then AGI > all.

For example. An Enhance sham would take agi > AP because crit causes flurry procs which far outweighs the small AP bonus.

Seal Fate builds proc off Crit.

The crit % from agility will drop with every new level you gain. AP is forever.

So, imo. The AP piece will you longer or help you longer.

Been a long time since I rolled a rogue. Is it 1 str = 1 AP and 1 agi = 1 AP + crit + armor + dodge.

At this stage, I would personally wear Embrace of the Lycan. It’ll be a bit different at 60.

The AP is better unless you are going for a Sub dodge build. It takes 45% more agility to get the same amount of crit as another class. As a warrior it would be a hard choice because crits = rage and destruction.

Agility gives you…

1% crit per 31 (lower than average).
1 melee attack power.
2 ranged attack power.
1% dodge per 14.5 agility (higher than average)
2 armor per 1 agility.

As a rogue I would value gear that has high Agility / stam, or high raw AP values (i.e. why the devilsaur and why the [Cadaverous Armor] is so good.)

Rogues generally benefit from high values of Agility (defense and offense) or raw AP values on gear over say a feral druid benefitting more from raw stats.

In your current situation (looks like the Embrace of the Lycan from your description) I would go with that helm as it gives you more damage per hit and a good chunk of stamina for pvp.

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Just swapped out my blue 10 Agi, 9 Stam gloves for a Green 10 Str 9 Agi. Got up to 460 AP from it.

Embrace of the Lycan is 3rd or 4th best in slot at level 60. I wore mine til 60 when I get the helm from strat.

Excellent post Cata, this is perfect to crunch some numbers to see if it makes sense over pure Agility for example.

To add, early on in the game, there isn’t enough Agility on items to outweigh the higher AP difference you get with AP directly. Although you may not crit as often, you are consistently hitting harder. As you get full raid sets, the agility+str stats become more significant.

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