Aggressive 1v1 healer?

Hi there.

Just wondering want to learn a healer and would like one that’s decent in 1v1s (as in winning, not just surviving) that plays aggressive, and is well kinda fun :slight_smile:

Any thoughts ?

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Disc Priest


Discipline Priest for sure. It requires a bit of a skill cap but I like it because you can attack and heal at the same time.

I win plenty of 1v1s and even some 3v1s out in WPvP. With the right combination of items too, you can even kill another healer.


Alrighty thanks. Disc priest over holy paladin :slight_smile: ?

Is your armory spec a good one to follow Alp ?

Oh not with my current gear on Armory no. Currently my armory shows my Ineffable Truth build, which I only run in large scale WPvP. (I dont do large scale that often either)

Check my armory in a few hours, it’ll show my actual corruption set up which is Vers and Haste.


Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Its updated now. I tend to run DPS trinkets as well as Discipline Priest for a bit more extra DPS. Even more of an aggressive healer with trinkets like Rotcrusted and Obsidian Claw.


Got him set up now and am practicing. Any detailed tips vs certain classes or talents I should swap out in certain types of fights.

I am only 440 ilevel but it seems fun. My biggest challenge is to get the feel for when to heal or dps :slight_smile:

Like most of the pvp guides say that due to scism being nerfed not a good pick but you have it…?

Sorry just trying to learn well and understand :slight_smile:

Disc is the wrong answer (am disc priest). Holy paladin would be the best dueling healer in terms of raw burst. Disc requires a very long kite to kill things. Our damage isn’t that great because it had to be nerfed for raid.

For WPvP I typically tend to run the same Honor Talents all the time. Ultimate Radiance, Dome of Light, and Dark Archangel.

For normal talents, I run Schism, Body and Soul, PW: Solace, Shining Force, Sins of the Many, Purge the Wicked, and Lenience.

Schism was only nerfed to not increase the damage of trinkets and Azerite abilities. It still increases your base damage though. Dark Archangel and I believe Sins of the Many still increase all damage though.

I’m a Discipline Priest, and I dont need a very long kite to kill anything. Maybe that could be because of my trinkets, (Obsidian and Rotcrusted) with Dark Archangel and Sins, but it scales nicely.

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Any reason why B&S over Feather ?

I assume simply because you would never not have it on your toon in the world when in a fight ?

I have a holy paladin (well he’s ret, but can try HP) at 465+ so can give that a shot, what are the pro / cons lets sa you get jumped by a rogue or a ret or DH :slight_smile: ?

It’s just easier to use. I’m constantly having to keep track of a lot of things in WPvP whenever I’m fighting in a 2v1 or 3v1, it’s just one less thing to keep track of when it’s passive.

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Disc Priest for sure, but that said Resto Shaman also retains a lot of dps spells I think as a healer along with good cc.

Edit: and yes of course hpal!

Good luck with whatever you choose! :smile:

We might not agree on a lot of things but your great at killing people on your setup. The amount of burst you can pump is insane.


Resto shammy is by far the best offensive healer.

I agree disc is in a good place but you arent 3v1 and killing people that have any gear at all too many stuns

its probably too late in the expansion for you to get all the correct corruptions but good luck i have a disc with only a 1 cloak and am still having a blast with her

I do it all the time in Uldum or Vale lol. You’re free to watch sometime.

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Resto druid with feral affinity, Master Shapeshifter, and thorns is pretty broken 1v1