Afternoon / Daytime TBC raiding roster <Storm>

[H] | Herod US-PVP | Semi-hardcore | Afternoon / Daytime | TBC

Creating a new afternoon roster for TBC. Already 2x 15/15 Naxx evening roster.

  • Wednesday (+Thursday if needed) starting 1:30 pm EST and for 4 hours
  • Loot list LC
  • Clean, consistent, fast, fun, efficient, clearing everything and top parsing without insane speedrunning

Join then send me a PM at Tomaka#7134 for more info

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Still recruiting for TBC. Spots are competitive. Come show us you deserve one!

Bump, join us!

Storm (Herod – PVP - all 5 rosters clearing all content) is recruiting for our afternoon roster, and for evening too! /w IG for info. Ele+Enh Shaman/Boomie/Hunter most needed, but recruiting any great players to strengthen the rosters for T5!