After Waterstrider will Blizzard nerf all older mount functions?

I have to say that after seeing the latest on the water strider mounts, I’m a little concerned about the continued viability of older mounts with additional functions… like those that come with vendors and transmog NPCs.

Waterstriders were hardly used all that frequently as to be worth nerfing. Mostly people would ride on them if and only if they had to walk across water, and only then because of Blizzards ridiculous long term time gating on flight in recent expansions.

But people whip out things like the yak mount all the time to clear bag trash space and update their transmogs.

Seeing what they did to the water strider makes it feel like a test case on whether they can get the player base to accept them destroying all old mount functions, as a means of reducing player QoL functionality to make them have to spend more time doing things they’ve previously earned in order to artificially inflate their MAU metrics.


Sky Golem should be next, we ask them to remove its function and add “Herbing” enhancement, then announce it as content!


So you haven’t been around here long enough to see all the complaints that water striders and sky golems were all they saw, huh? People complained that they “had” to use it always and wanted to use their other mounts. People also complained a lot about being dazed and falling off cliffs on their ground mounts. Mostly people who don’t know how to play this game well.

That’s what those mount equipment things are addressing.

There’s no need to go overboard into suppositions of what they “might” do to the other mounts.

They really didn’t do anything yet. Still not even in PTR and the level of outrage should make them change things around - once people experience the change.


posting here so I can come back in a sec

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There you go.
Just because everyone is still talking about the Waterstrider “Nerf”


C’mon now. Striders are used by almost everyone in open world content since they can go over anything. Watching people mount up after a world group quest and like 80% get on striders, even in places like Vol’dun. It’s just the most convenient land mount there is.

Still, I think the better option is just to leave current mounts as is, including the strider, and just make them immune to mount equipment until they decide to let us use more than one equipment. Striders should still have water walking but nothing else. And if they let us use two mount equipments down the road striders should still have water walking and then one other thing.


Yeah, seems like a buff to me.
I rarely cared enough to swap to my water strider just to cross a pond, and I wasn’t going to use it 24/7 because it’s kinda ugly…but with this there’s no reason to not just always have water walking at all times.

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This omg so blatantly false! (rabble rabble… giggle!) It can’t go over lava. I tried. It was ouchie.

(sneaks Peppermint a cookie)



Vixie with the logic post for 3 points.


Did I miss something? Are they obsoleting the Water Strider Mount?

Considering the “functions” of those mounts come with actual extra NPCs, seats, and eject buttons, I’m going to go out on a limb and say: No.

What they should do, however, is “nerf” the sky golem and let us apply that functionality to other mounts as well. I’m so tired of using that damned thing.

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I’ve been around here since day 1 in classic. I’ve seen it all.

And I don’t need to see random forum complaints to know that is simply not how the experience actually is in game.

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I’m here every day and I don’t recall ever seeing this.


Appreciate this. I hadn’t seen this yet. This is not as bad as some of what I picked up off Wowhead.

I came at it with skepticism because of the history of what Blizzard has done when it comes to player QoL concerns.

But… this actually doesn’t seem too bad.

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They said they weren’t touching golems. I have a feeling that will change since I got a bunch in my bank. Price will drop out on those I fear.

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Does someone have a link to the strider nerfs? I can’t find anything. :o

And we could then get a mining equivalent, to allow us to mine while mounted, and a skinning equivalent.

And while we are at it, how about an extra seat piece of equipment, making all mounts capable of being two seaters? And what about another extra seat making them all three seaters, like the mammoths? And flying equipment that would make ground only mounts capable of flying?

Once you take the first step down the path to idiocy, you might as well take all the rest and reach the end of that road.

/moo :cow:


Good. Im so tired of only seeing everyone on eaither water strider or sky golem mounts while level. I feel forced to use my sky golem all the time for the same reason. Ugh.

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As a herber with the sky golem mount I would welcome this. I hate that mount but if you are not a druid and you are not using the sky golem to gather herbs you are doing it wrong.

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So Blizzard’s solution to a problem they created is to nerf a mount and devise a completely new system?

Why should I have to spend gold/crafting materials to replace something I already have? Goodbye Sky Golem and vendor mounts.