(A)Frostmourne Twisted Haven GMT+8 CE Guild recruiting for Dragonflight

(A)Frostmourne Twisted Haven GMT+8 CE Guild recruiting for Dragonflight

Twisted Haven (CE VoI)

About us Twisted Haven (Oceanic Frostmourne) is a GMT +8 Cutting Edge guild with roots going back to WoD. We are made up of players stemming from various parts of Asia and Australia. On the raid front, we strive to strike a balance between being relaxed while maintaining a progression-oriented focus that is respectful of your time and commitment.

9.0 Cutting Edge Castle Nathria
9.1 Cutting Edge Sanctum of Domination
9.2 Cutting Edge Sepulcher of the First Ones
10.0 Cutting Edge Vault of Incarnates

Type of players we are looking for:
• Ability to attend all three raid days or provide notice if you can’t attend
• Discord access
• Come prepared having done your initial research on the encounter, review of proposed raid strategy
• A positive and respectful attitude to raiding, be willing to provide and equally take constructive feedback
• Be self-motivated to constantly strive to improve their performance. Our core roster will be more than 20 players to ensure we have flexibility in bringing the most optimal comp and players to progression
• The ability to put the guild’s raid progression ahead of individual accomplishment. Efficient progression is the aim and be willing to be rotated based on raid needs and performance. Every effort will be made to ensure raiders who are not present in the initial kill will be brought in on re-runs.

What we offer:
• A progression oriented approach to raiding with pre-planned strategies, tips, and required add-ons shared well ahead of actual raid day
• A respectful, positive, and chill raid environment that involves good laughs, constructive feedback, and aims to be efficient. Discrimination and toxicity of any kind will not be tolerated
• Provision of food/cauldrons/vantus for progression
• Continued buildout of activities outside raid including M+, alt-runs , and sales runs.

Raid Schedule in Dragonflight:
Wed, Thurs, & Sun
9.00pm - 12.00mn (GMT+8) 11.00pm - 2.00am AEST / Oceanic Server Time

Raids will start an hour later when DST starts. No changes for GMT+8 timezone.

Recruitment needs:

All exceptional candidates considered.

If you would like to apply for a trial, please contact the appropriate recruitment officer below:
Contact: btag - zeebye#1313 / discord - Zeebye#2321
or contact: btag - Kun#1294 / discord - Kun#7542

Prepatch bump

Hello, I am an experienced player from Singapore, previously got CE in Nyalotha and CN, guild died mid SOD and I didnt do any serious raiding from then till now and am looking to get back into raiding.

I have a warrior and DK and am able to tank and dps, and am most comfortable on those 2 classes. Might be able to play ranged evoker but need to test out the class first.

You can reach me at my discord tag Zilentwurfs#3525 for a more detailed chat or if you think I can be a good fit for your team. Cheers!

bumping it up.

still recruiting:
For the PM team:
Holy Paladin
Holy / Disc Priest
Mistweaver Monk

For the AM team:
1 Tank of any class
1 Heals (Priest)

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Hello, any more DPS spots for PM raid?


Updated Recruitment needs:

For the PM team:
Recruitment Closed

For the AM team:
1 Heals (Druid)
DPS (Mage, DK)
DPS with offspec heals

I’m a enhance shammy if you guys have any open spots for PM team.

Do you still have a slot for core group? Im Ele/enh shaman

bump (updated AM recruitment)

bump (PM raid team now looking for monk + warlock)


recruitment open

bump for 10.1

PM Raid Looking for Mage and Ranged DPS for 10.1

Bump recruiting mages and hunters

bump recruiting for 10.1

bump for patch day

bumping! we’re still recruiting for 10.1! mages and hunters where yall at!

bump! come join us!

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