[A]<Forged> 14/15 Naxx | Recruiting Healers! | Mon/Wed 7:30 - 11:00 PM Server

Forged is a close-knit progression focused guild with a strong sense of community. Current recruitment needs are posted below, however we will consider any exceptional players for Naxx progression.

14/15 Naxx
9/9 AQ40
8/8 BWL
10/10 MC

Raid Times
Monday 7:00 PM EST
Wednesday 7:00 PM EST

Loot Rules
Soft Reserve/Veteran Rolling loot system

Member: This is a social rank. These are guild members and friends who just enjoy hanging out with us and helping their friends in the guild. Members are welcome to join our weekly 20 mans.

Trial: Must have at least phase 5 pre-bis and PVE spec. Trials will not receive Soft Reserves in our loot system. However, they will be free to roll on any items that are not soft reserved. Trial rank is at least 2 weeks(4 total raids).

Raider: You receive 4 SR total, as mention below.
+1 reserve for BWL
+1 reserve for MC
+1 reserve for AQ40
+1 reserve for Attendance(Must have attended previous week of raid to receive)

Veteran: To become a Veteran, the minimum requirements are 90% attendance over 10 raid days as a raider. Raiders will also be expected to be using proper specs, consumes, and have professions (engineering 205) and raid specific gear like NR/FR/CR gear to be considered for a promotion to Veteran. You receive 4 SR total, as mention below. Additionally you receive a +20 to all SR rolls.
+1 reserve for BWL & +20 to SR roll
+1 reserve for MC & +20 to SR roll
+1 reserve for AQ40 & +20 to SR roll
+1 reserve for Attendance(Must have attended previous week of raids to receive) & +20 to SR roll

You are expected to come to raid on time, prepared with consumables and world buffs. We get ZG/Rally Cry buffs at 7:00 PM server as a group.

Classes in need
Exceptional DPS(Lock)

If interested feel free to reach out to Zeldoe in game. If Iā€™m not online feel free to send me a PM in discord @ Zeldo#4835! We hope to hear from you soon!

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Come join us in Naxx! Looking for a few more to round out the roster!


Forged is pretty sweet!


They best the best looking priest on WoW

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