<Affluent> New M+ / PVP guild. Filling ranks

Greetings, Azerothians!

Are you ready to take your World of Warcraft experience to the next level? Do you crave the challenge of conquering Mythic Plus dungeons with a skilled team? Are you a battleground veteran looking to dominate in Rated Battlegrounds? Look no further than Affluent, where excellence is our standard!

:shield: Who We Are:
Affluent is a new guild that revolves around two pillars of gameplay - Mythic Plus dungeons and Rated Battlegrounds. We are aiming to be close-knit community of dedicated players who share a passion for challenging content and teamwork.
Whether you’re an experienced Mythic Plus pro or a battleground aficionado, we welcome you with open arms.

:dagger: Mythic Plus Mayhem:
Our Mythic Plus teams are constantly pushing the limits of their skills. We’re looking for players who understand dungeon mechanics, have a knack for crowd control, and can adapt on the fly. With a focus on efficiency and execution, we aim for top-tier clears and timed runs. If you want to challenge yourself and reap the rewards, Affluent is the place for you.

:bow_and_arrow: Rated Battleground Dominance:
Rated Battlegrounds are where we shine as a team. Communication, strategy, and precision are the keys to our success. We are on the lookout for experienced PvP players who can coordinate with the team.
I am a Hero experienced RBG’er and looking to form a core group to run RBGS weekly and grow and learn together.

:fire: What We Offer:
A dedicated and friendly community of players
Experienced and knowledgeable leadership
Consistent Mythic Plus and Rated Battleground groups
A chance to hone your skills, improve your gear, and reach new heights in WoW

:globe_with_meridians: How to Join:
Reach out to one of our officers in-game or on our Discord server.
Showcase your skills and passion for Mythic Plus or Rated Battlegrounds.
Join our guild and start your journey toward excellence!

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