Affliction Warlock Feedback

(Xoja) #1953

Just a little light humor.

(Sefirosuwar) #1954

^^ this OMG lol

(Lockholiday) #1955

LMAO this is gold!

(Ojoverde) #1956

Endless Affliction: Your Unstable Affliction deals the same damage as normal, but its duration is increased by 6 sec. SoulShatter or Gateway Mastery . So basically this will only increase the ramp time of endless affliction damage for what reason?? lol…now we need dot protection from dispells in pve???

Nether Ward: Surrounds the caster with a shield that lasts 3 sec, reflecting all harmful spells cast on you. Master Summoner . Like if we need more survability in this spec.

Demon Armor: Protects the caster, increasing maximum health by 10% and increases armor by 150%. Not really sure which other talent wouldn’t insanely broken. Maybe focused chaos . Sure more survability for what???

Any real changes to the specs that are worthy blizzard??? what a joke design of classes

(Jessail) #1957

Most of those were absolute garbage, like giving Rogues Smoke Bomb in PvE. It almost seems like trolling at this point.

(Xoja) #1958

So those are the choices we get for the honor talent essence?

Lol, I hope this means they are planning on updating Endless Affliction…

(Jessail) #1959

There is not choice per se, the essence just gives you a pre-selected honor talent in PvE. They are almost universally… absolutely garbage and useless. Hence my sentiments above.

(Sefirosuwar) #1960

I mean the only thing I can see with the aff one being kinda usefull - need to sim it.
is that with it equipped - UA stays active for 14 secs :
Contagion 10% overall damage buff- uptime becomes easily 100%
As well Cascading Calamity is a 15second buff - UA is 14 secs now - refreshing this within the much larger window will allow uptime for this Az trait to get to what I believe could be above 90% uptime.
napkin math and feeling it out.

As well as you end up with more time to cast the filler and making sure double UA or even triple is up for a deathbolt is simpler.

As well as maintaining multiple ua’s across 2-3 mobs becomes allot easier with this talent.

So some interesting interactions : But we would have to sim to see if the increased uptime on other buffs outway’s the dps loss from the increased dot length. -

(Xoja) #1961

The reason I was asking was because of this

I wasn’t sure exactly how this essence works but with that wording it made it sound as if it gives you a choice.

(Jessail) #1962

I’d have to go find the post on wowhead but IIRC it did not. Otherwise soulshatter would be go to for the execute damage.

(Xoja) #1963

Perhaps simming will reveal more information about the effectiveness of this talent, but I ran tests awhile back with Deathbolt and the conclusion I arrived at is that it either has a negative or null impact on Deathbolt damage depending on how many UAs you put up and whether or not you use Darkglare. I just did more out of curiosity.

Corruption/Agony/2 UA Deathbolt without Endless Affliction: 12k
Corruption/Agony/2 UA Deathbolt with Endless Affliction: 10k

Corruption/Agony/5 UA Deathbolt without Endless Affliction: 21k
Corruption/Agony/5 UA Deathbolt with Endless Affliction: 21k

Corruption/Agony/5 UA/Darkglare Deathbolt without Endless Affliction: 31k
Corruption/Agony/5 UA/Darkglare Deathbolt with Endless Affliction: 20k

All of these were non-crits. This talent has very weird synergy with Deathbolt, but I wouldn’t call it positive.

Conflict and Strife Essence
Conflict and Strife Essence
(Jessail) #1964

Whereas I could see a really useful synergy with soulshatter particularly in M+ and raids for the execute on adds or even the boss.

(Xoja) #1965

Soulshatter, Curse of Shadows, or even Rot and Decay would be superior alternatives to Endless Affliction IMO.

Unless they update the talent, of course.

(Jessail) #1966

I would pay to have old soulshatter back though… I can’t count the times I’ve needed a threat drop lately. /sigh

(Xoja) #1967

Reminds me of the glory days of making my tanks feel inferior with Shadow Bolt spam threat

(Sefirosuwar) #1968

Those are some strange results that a 5 stack would net the same results but a 2 stack would be less.

I can see how with darkglare and a 5 stack it would be a negative

I’m more interested with the possible increase to overall damage of agony corruption and Siphon life phantom haunt and shadow bolt all being increased due to Contagion uptime at 100% and Cascading Haste buff being at levels that were complelty unreachable before this talent.

(Jessail) #1969

With the end of legion threat nerfs it’s actually a huge issue when doing spread pressure in M+ or raid. I’ve literally pulled adds that must be tanked off of a tank before, and even a boss in conclave if I’ve not watching the tank’s threat as close as I should be in some cases.

(Xoja) #1970

Yeah when I was doing PVE stuff at the beginning before I gave up on it due to lack of fun I was pulling aggro quite a bit. Especially on my Mage because Frost Mage burst was through the roof at the very start. I was actually surprised that they didn’t bring back some of the aggro drop stuff that was deemed vestigial when they made all those changes to tank threat.

Yeah I suppose if this encourages more build opportunities it would be healthy for the spec, I just feel like people are going to be highly disappointed with this essence for Aff and just end up picking other ones. That’s how the cookie usually crumbles in this game, anyway.

I really wish they’d just make some minor tweaks to our talents and give us more viable build choices.

The way I see it is if this talent harms Darkglare/Deathbolt burst then no one will really use it, because that’s the flagship build of the expansion.

(Drezwazluz) #1971

That’s one of the stronger ones…?

(Eldrìtch) #1972

One thing I’d personally like to see in the future is longer duration DoTs. 14 second corruption and 15 second siphon life just feels very short for a primarily DoT spec