Affliction Warlock Feedback

(Xoja) #1932

Cata Affliction got updated in an early patch though, and became much better at least in PVP. It was during the first arena season.

(Jessail) #1933

I remember getting extensive pressure all the way through firelands when I quit to switch to destro, to the point I set up my second spec for that.

(Xoja) #1934

Well forgive me there because apart from a few Heroic kills in BoT and BWD at the beginning I completely quit raiding in Cata. I can’t really speak from that mold.

But during the first season Affliction went from being terrible to godlike… People were upset about the meta shift because of it. And that’s not necessarily what I’d like to see happen again but they made it sound like there would be changes by now. Ion even alluded to having different metas in following seasons (back during the first season).

And really, nothing has changed. Third season is relatively soon I would think and we’re looking at the exact same meta unless they actually pump out some changes in the patch.

(Jessail) #1935

Honestly the entire meta for BFA is pretty set regardless, not just for PvP but Mythic+ and raiding too. Afflock right now is pretty much a raid only spec.

(Xoja) #1936

I don’t know what that has to do with the contradictions I’ve pointed out and how things should be changing.

This is the most “set it and forget it” expansion I’ve seen since Burning Crusade. The difference is it’s terrible.

They haven’t made the efforts they usually do in patches.

(Jessail) #1937

That was kinda my point :wink:

(Xoja) #1938

I still am not sure what it has to do with the point I’m making.

Am I not allowed to leave my feedback just because they aren’t showing a pulse? I can’t point out how wrong that is?

No one seems to get my point here that we don’t need an expansion-level rework here to make the spec more viable in other areas. They can easily give the ele shaman or shadow priest treatment and improve certain talents and honor talents.

(Jessail) #1939

I think we’re talking past each other. I’m acknowledging what you’re saying not discounting it. It’s extremely frustrating as I’m not a fan of the DB meta for example, but I don’t get any choice unless I want to switch mains all together and forget using my afflock in a raid. It could also be my allergies are making me loopy.

(Xoja) #1940

I’d just like to see more flexibility with the spec. More acceptable build paths in PVE and PVP. More than just Deathbolt. Half our talents are basically useless.

The biggest thing that discourages me from doing BfA content at all is how limited and boring Affliction is.

It’s very frustrating that the same dead talents are still dead at this point, with nothing on the horizon. It’s frustrating that Endless Affliction remains a DPS loss through an expansion transition and several patches.

(Fookí) #1941

i agree. i can’t stand the DB/SB spam crap. bring back some UMMPH to Drain Soul! Demon Armor should never have been gutted and made pvp only as well.

AFL lock forums remind me of my poor unholy DK’s…so many suggestions, gripes, discussions, etc… just to fall on deaf ears. =/

(Jessail) #1942

I hate to be cynical but the current Blizz motto seems to be “Never let good be the enemy of ‘well it works… sort of’.”

(Xoja) #1943

I get cynical about it too, but sometimes I just get frustrated and take to the clickity-clack of my keyboard.

I hate complaining too but man, it’s not even really just about Affliction for me at this point. I play at least one spec of every class, and I don’t know what their deal is anymore. It feels like they are just out of touch with what made WoW classes beautiful and fun to play.

I know that won’t be fixed this expansion but I’m also getting the feeling they just don’t want to bother trying to tackle any of the issues.

(Jessail) #1944

I actually think they are caught between a rock and a hard place. On one hand you have people complaining about homogenization, and it’s true they’ve generally moved almost all DPS classes to build and burn models from Mana. Regardless of whether or not you agree with that it’s what they’ve generally done. Add onto that the fact that to make a class competitive it needs X or Y ability, and sooner or later you’re looking at 36 of what looks very similar.

It’s one of the reasons I don’t think they should add more specs to the game, or more classes. They can’t make classes and specs ‘unique’ without winners and losers anymore because what used to differentiate, playstyle, has now been largely homogenized. To me the travesty is not that classes can do something, but that they all do it the same way. Whereas most people see the former as the crime. Either way it’s now an impossible task.

(Xoja) #1945

I didn’t really start to notice homogenization until Cataclysm, but many say it really started in Wrath. If you want to be technical, I think it started in BC because that is when they started adding new abilities to make up for previous weaknesses. But anyway, that’s a different ballgame.

I don’t necessarily think homogenization is a barrier to fun. I had fun in MoP. To some extent, I even had fun in Cata and WoD, namely in PVP. I had fun in Legion.

I’d say classes were pretty “homogenized” in all of those expansions. DoT maintenance, similar defensive and offensive cooldowns, etc.

I think it’s the consolidating and the removing stuff that worked fine that bothers me.

I didn’t really think the WoD pruning was necessary but I just don’t get why they kept going.

(Fookí) #1946

yeah, the problem started when everyone and their momma had to have the same talents/skills as the other guy- like lust/hero being given to other already popular dps classes, which made an already unpopular shaman class even less needed for raid comps. this is one of the few bright spots about classic… but it still ain’t enough for me to play it. once was enough.

(Xoja) #1947

Ah, yeah… I think Shaman had it pretty good in BC, totem twisting and hero/lust. A great shaman was also up there on the meters, too. I guess people wanting to rely less on utility and more on traditional DPS mechanics is why Shaman is what it is today.

I’m one of those looking forward to Classic. I know a lot of people think it’s silly but I love the old world, quests and PVP. I liked raiding too, even though some classes had extremely basic rotations (PVP made up for that, though).

Though I’m probably going to start off as a Mage, like I did in Vanilla, I’ll for sure level a Warlock down the line. Can’t wait to do the demon and other class quests again.

(Fookí) #1949

heh, yeah, if i do try out classic, it’ll just be for the small things like this… i still have all the summoning items in my bank for that quest. =P

(Sefirosuwar) #1950

I’m at a point playing this game that I would be ok with most to all classes having the same things and playing the same ways - “homogenized” doesn’t mean bad.

Let the art and lore teams thrive let them go crazy
let that be the differences between classes and specs.

“MOP” was an amazing expac and so many classes had all the options to do any and everything well and it felt great.

Ive also lost all hope in the game being able to be balanced with its current design so just give up. and make it easier for you’re self blizzard.

(Ojoverde) #1951

At least dots mean something in classic, not like this BFA dots that dont do damage.

(Jessail) #1952

I’ve largely come to this conclusion myself, classes at this point should be differentiated by play-style not by overall abilities. That’s not to say certain classes shouldn’t have unique things. For example I don’t think more classes need lust at the moment. But play-style should be the key kicker here not abilities.