Affliction Warlock Feedback

(Jessail) #1912

It’s also a great example of ruining people’s rotation, I loved having SL and AC in legion.

(Xoja) #1913

Yeah I mean you could have WiA, AC and SL all at once if you wanted. Now you can only have one at a time. I really don’t get that, as multi-dotting is supposed to be a strength of Affliction.

Not to say it still isn’t a core function of the spec, but i liked having that flexibility and choice.

(Daenex) #1914

Whoa, it’s been a year since this post started and nothing, absolutely nothing, has changed. Bravo, that’s impressive laziness.

(Jessail) #1915

As aforementioned I’m not expecting any proper changes until 9.0 at the earliest. They really messed up this time around and they really can’t do much to fix it because they are already heads down on the next expac. That said I doubt they’ve bothered to read any of this feedback.

(Eldrìtch) #1916

They probably have read it, but as far as BfA is concerned there wont be any mechanical changes to specs until this expansion is over. I’m fine with this provided that they actually spend the time between now and 9.0 to really turn things around.

Frankly, however I am peeved about the Q/A before 8.1 where Ion explicitly mentioned they were looking to pull Aff back towards multidotting instead of ST and nothing to that effect has really occurred since.

(Jessail) #1917

The problem is as I mentioned in another thread: You really can’t do that without breaking one or the other. For afflock to do better multi-dot you break ST damage because the dots have to do enough damage to make sense to cast. If you break ST then there is no point in even playing afflock at all because they aren’t good at anything.

We’ve always been garbage on trash with the exception of legion. If you want to do Afflock AOE you must multi-dot right now. That’s pretty much what he meant.


Since this post has over 1.9k replies… Has blizz said they would do anything about the problems with the spec or nah?

(Jessail) #1919

Not really, a few comments by Ion briefly in a Q&A but other than that nope.

(Lockholiday) #1920

A descent buff to Seed could fix a lot of our lacking AoE in mythic + content. PvP just needs pvp specific tuning. Wouldn’t really take that much, but then again I am not a coder.

(Jessail) #1921

We’d need soul flame back too realistically. And there is no way they are ever doing that. They said as much pretty explicitly unfortunately.

(Lockholiday) #1922

What if seed applied to 3 targets and damage was doubled? What if seed applied agony also instead of just corruption? Many ways they could tweak seed to fix the issue imo.

(Jessail) #1923

The whole point of the seed nerf was to nerf our AOE, I don’t see them going back.

(Xoja) #1924

Seems to be the point of BfA - nerf a lot of strengths for a lot of specs to promote “bring the class” and ignoring the possibility that a lot of players may not have fun with their spec anymore, and that some specs just won’t perform in certain areas of the game that they used to.

(Fookí) #1925

we’ve been saying this since beta- and for the same exact reason. it’s funny how it’s the same story; different day…

(Jessail) #1926

Wasn’t the original saying “Bring the player, not the class?” they seem to have decided to reverse that.

(Sefirosuwar) #1927

Yeah they started to reverse that with this expac, notice things coming back like class buffs.
the issue is they only went half way with it. example
ALPHA - DH and WARLOCK had the magic % debuff :
Live - DH only has the debuff

They went back on it when they created content that favors classes that have specific damage profiles - Rogues : DH : -
AKA - Mythic+ : Favors interrupts and quick burst aoe. @ high level

PVP - Don’t even start me on this shizz show. if you can’t burst big and hard with 1-2 casts - you are trash in it. BRING THE CLASS AND SPEC NOT THE PLAYER.

Not gonna complain about raids cause its the only part of the game that
AFF even feels good anymore. and when I say feels good not the game play but the fact that the content development allows me to do high damage and feel like I’m making an impact.

(Sefirosuwar) #1928

Also something I would like to see for seeds
Seed of Corruption
1-3 Soul Shards 40 yd range
2.5 sec cast
Requires Warlock (Affliction)
Requires level 38
Embeds 1 demon seeds in the enemy target that will explode after 12 sec, dealing (24% of Spell power) Shadow damage to all enemies within 10 yards and applying Corruption to them.

If 2-3 Soul shards are spent on Seed of Corruption, it now embeds a demon seed in 1-2 more additional near by enemy’s.

The seed’s will detonate early if the target is hit by other detonations, or takes (Spell power * 50 / 100) damage from your spells.

I feel like

(Lockholiday) #1929

Truly a sad state of PvP. Aff is possibly one of the worst for 3s. I will lose so much faith in blizzard if we don’t get some tuning for pvp in 8.2.

(Xoja) #1930

I don’t think there has ever been a drought this long for a spec with such universally disliked gameplay and mechanics.

This is sad.

Warlocks have been feeding information for well over a year now on this forum, the Warlock forum, Discords, various PTR forums and even General Discussion.

Correct me if I’m wrong but all that has happened are nerfs and the addition of Demon Armor, which basically hogs an honor talent slot because our baked-in defensive passives are not what they once were.

Affliction Warlocks have bided their time, they have voiced their displeasure countless times for how this spec plays and how terrible it is in Arenas, and have made many feasible suggestions for improving the spec.

And nothing changes. No commentary, not even a pulse.

Am I mad? No. Frustrated? Quite. I feel like this spec was absolutely ruined, and it didn’t have to be. Taking away the artifact stuff from Legion was enough, but gutting the talent tree and leaving a half-baked selection of damage honor talents that barely synergize with the spec is a joke.

And there is no reason we should have talents that equate to a DPS loss approaching halfway through an expansion.

There is still likely over a year left in this expansion. It should have happened already but for the love of Pete, do something for this spec. There is more than enough data and feedback by now. A complete rework isn’t even necessary to make this spec more fun and attractive, it could help a lot but there are smaller things that can be improved.

(Jessail) #1931

There has been, at least twice for this spec alone: Vanilla through BC pre-patch, blizz was well aware of the limitations against warlocks in general and afflocks in particular. The second time is one you pointed out earlier in the thread yourself: Cata which was an absolutely horrific time for afflock.