Affliction Warlock Feedback


Bumping so maybe devs see this thread and maybe give us Affliction warlocks some love.

(Fenllandron) #1893

Blizzard doesn’t care.


Meh, you never know. Guardians and veng dh’s having been getting slight reworks and buffs. Maybe we can get Affliction some love before the 8.2 release… maybe.

(Lockholiday) #1895

Bump a lump to get the juices flowing.

(Sefirosuwar) #1896

see those sub PVP buffs - maybe we can get some AFF PVP buffs -
since the data has to show our dots and dispel damage being worthless.

(Lockholiday) #1897

I mean this is all we really want isn’t it?


Possibly a pvp talent to not let UA stack but increase its damage more?

(Xoja) #1899

Something like this would be nice. There have been a lot of suggestions like this going back to Beta when we could first queue up, but nothing seems to register.

The UA/Darkglare/DB combo feels terrible in PVP. I wish it was just an optional playstyle rather than enforced (the only “choice” is Deathbolt but it’s not really a choice because it’s proven to be the only good talent in that row).

Honor talents are kind of limited because we need at least 2 defensive picks but the only decent damage one is Curse of Shadows. They wouldn’t even really have to make a new one - just update Endless Affliction because it’s useless and actually hurts your damage by taking it.

(Sefirosuwar) #1900

yeah a ton of suggestions have been made, and I believe that even blizzard had a plan to change it for this expac. BUT SOMEONE gave some VALUABLE feedback that UA stacking gives the class burst something it was always lacking and maybe in PVE it does but in PVP it breaks it.

Darkglare and Deathbolt interaction is terrible in the regard that by design its so strong that everything else is worthless.

Agreed that talents are basically pick 2 defensive and 1 offensive basically curse of shadows.

Endless Affliction would actually be good/decent if the dispel damage from UA wasn’t trash even at a 5 stack. Just buff the dispel damage so that healers and dps are actually scared to press the button and dont’ laugh as they press dispel.

(Fookí) #1901

i just want drain soul back and competitive to death bolt. it can do a bit less damage if they gave it dots buffs again or even some life leech.

(Fookí) #1902

i don’t see why it can’t fear/silence upon dispelling, like haunt used to i believe.

(Jessail) #1903

Honestly I stand by what I’ve said before. I know it seems cynical but I’m not expecting them to fix afflock this expansion. If anything we’re going to get nerfed again because we make lemonade regardless of how garbage lemons you give us. But dear <insert personal deity/higher power/core belief here> the spec feels like garbage right now. I know some didn’t like Legion afflock but I liked how I could use DL and AC LE GASP and actually not feel frantic because I didn’t have a keyboard smash for a filler. </rant>



Nothing affliction related but they are doing some class changes, hopefully they won’t forget us next time :disappointed:.

(Fookí) #1905

yeah, i’ll believe it when i see it as well… just like any unholy ST buffs for my dk. from what i’m seeing in that post you linked, our minion’s getting a nerf fix just like demo, only they’re actually compensating it with some +damage- demo didn’t even receive that. i guess they figured unholy’s already in the basement; why make it worse so they’ll HAVE to fix it.


Stacking dots, and draining with malefic grasp felt so good and unique.

Stacking as many dots as possible Then summon a pet and death bolt every 3 min does not feel nearly as good.

Something great was lost and I don’t even bother trying to play affliction anymore.

Would love it If something like a malefic grasp type interaction existed with drain soul again. Heck I would love it if anything other than death bolt was actually worth taking.

(Xoja) #1907

I think they should just make Drain Soul work like DS + MG did and maybe adjust the numbers to fit the balance of this expansion.

If they leave it like it is, they will just end up removing it again because no one will use it.

I’m almost certain that when people were asking for Drain Soul to stick around, most of them really wanted Malefic Grasp too.

I just don’t get what the point of the level 15 talent row is if there is no real decision to make. And it makes no sense to me that after all this time field testing that they haven’t done anything with this talent row.

Do they really want a talent to remain almost a 100% pick for the entire expansion?

I mean I didn’t always use MG in Legion. There were clear opportunities for WiA and I even had a Haunt build I used for fun in BGs.

But there’s no reason to ever not take Deathbolt. The competition it has is non-existent. And it’s not really the strength of Deathbolt, it’s that DS and Nightfall are so pitifully balanced that there is no scenario you would want to use them in apart from nostalgic purposes.

I think I also suggested this months back but I think Nightfall would better serve as an instant or instant/free UA or Seed of Corruption. Unless they buff the bonus damage by a lot there isn’t really a reason to take it just for instant Shadowbolts.

(Jessail) #1908

This was exactly what I was after when I made that request.

I think they believe they have bigger issues to fix. They don’t care what we think because we’re “OK” as far as they are concerned. I doubt they’ve even read this thread or any of the other afflock threads recently.

They would need to make it explicitly scale with mastery. But the fact that DB scales with DOTs means that it will always win regardless unless they massively buffed nightfall to the point it baseline overrode the DB damage. To me the choice should be DS+MG or some sort of DB/SB.

(Malyx) #1909

I disagree, i think the core problem with tier 15 is infact Deathbolt.

I feel like tier 15 should be a light DoT buff tier. would entail swapping deathbolt with haunt, giving Drain Soul an Malefic Grasp effect(on top of actually updating the animation) and making Nightfall either A. deal percentage of DoT dmg when it procs, B. merging it with Shadowy Embrace and replacing the talent with the execute one we had before(forgot the name) or C. making the procs give a stackable debuff(so that lucky streaks with procs do not get wasted) the increases DoT dmg for a x duration.

Biggest problem i feel with the 15 talents is that Deathbolt is the only one that has some sort of synergy with DoTs. Personal opinion merging SE with NF and giving DS an MG effect would fix that tier though.


Really wish they would do something very soon, like anything, a buff or talent reworks(especially the level 15 talents) or something.
Getting tired of not being able to main affliction, it’s so bad, I’m maining demo, which I’ve played demo multiple times, it can be fun before but I’ve never had to main demo until this expansion. I’m just really frustrated with class design right now.

(Xoja) #1911

I agree with bringing Death’s Embrace back and/or moving Deathbolt to another place, but I disagree with homogenizing the talent row because that only reinforces the same problem that’s already happening.

I would rather see a distinct reason to pick other talents. They did a decent job with it in Legion, there were different defined build paths depending on how you wanted to play in PVE or PVP.

The only thing I really see people change regularly now is Haunt (PVE) and Grimoire of Sacrifice (PVP). Maybe WiA instead of AC for some cases. Stuffing WiA, AC and SL into the same row is a great example of the homogenization I’m referring to.

I think Aff needs more personality.