Affliction Warlock Feedback

(Xoja) #1870

I wouldn’t complain about free leech but I feel like Aff already has a lot of similar things to that and also I feel like if they added something like that to the Mastery they would just be trying another band-aid instead of fixing the real issues with the spec, which lie on the damage/utility side of things.

And it’s not that we can’t do damage, it’s just that our damage mechanics translate poorly to PVP. You can play Aff and be on the backfoot almost the whole time in an Arena or you can play Destro and immediately start exerting dominance and take your place at the center of the map.

I don’t think it’s the mastery damage reduction that makes that difference, and I suspect Destro will still be a pretty strong spec even after the DA nerf.

(Sefirosuwar) #1871

Aff really only has anything like that if you are rocking the Siphon life and that’s a tiny heal.
AFF/Destro/Demo baseline all have Soul leech and option for demon skin -
AFF - has nothing specific to it :
Destro - has mastery damage reduction and proc chance
Demo - Has soul link with pets.

I agree that our UA stacking and cd reliance on aff is an issue and we have talked about that so much that we could write books about it.
my suggestion was more about making all 3 specs have something defensive baseline that is themed and specific to them and leech to dots seems right for aff.

(Xoja) #1872

Aff has far better self-healing capability than the other two specs though. Stopping everything to Drain Life puts you in a pretty bad spot as Destro and Demo, as you are dealing next to no damage. As Affliction, Drain Life deals more more damage, so it does more healing, and you have the luxury of being able to Drain Life while damage is going out due to the nature of DoTs.

There’s also ID - yeah, it’s not a talent or baked in passive, but it’s actually pretty much better than any talent we have except maybe Deathbolt.

I’m not saying the healing is perfectly tuned, but that’s considered to be one of Affliction’s defensive strengths over the other specs. Did we need Demon Armor? I dunno, we needed something for sure. But Affliction is still pretty lackluster in Arenas and nerfing Demon Armor didn’t do us any favors, but it got nerfed because of Destro. It’s the problem I foresaw with giving both specs the same exact version of a spell.

But what I was getting it is mostly that I don’t think slapping in more healing would be something to complain about, just that it wouldn’t really fix the spec in the way it needs to be fixed. So it’s not a bad suggestion but I just wish the devs would take the plunge and really try to fix Affliction’s mechanical issues. Maybe they are trying to, and that’s why we’re not seeing any changes but they aren’t offering any commentary on it, patch after patch, so who knows.

Yep… I think if they lowered the CD of Unending Resolve for Aff that could help matters a bit. It actually had a 1 min (I believe) CD for Destro in Legion from an artifact trait, and that was one of the strengths of Destro. I’d like to see them do something for Aff.

BTW I’m not saying your suggestion about leech is unwarranted or anything, I just gave my thoughts on it.

(Fookí) #1873

or they can bring back drain soul like it was in legion, just tone down the damage a bit if needed… but at least then you’d have a real choice between death bolt and drain soul.

(Sefirosuwar) #1874

It’s clear that the other 2 talents in the first row are dead and that they need to tune both nightfall and drain soul to actually be competitive with death bolt. this is dead horse that has been beaten almost as much as UA stacking has lol

im not sure that I want drain soul to come back the way it was in legion with healing - but if it was just the damage with MG built in then I would be 100% ok with that.

and nightfall needs to have its PROC rate adjusted hard
or give it a shadow flame debuff lasts the length in between the procs and that boost’s damage of non procc’d SB during the debuff.

The leech idea was not to change that fact but to supplement Aff’s lack of bonus defensive baseline like the other specs of warlock have.

(Xoja) #1877

I’d love Nightfall if it worked with Seed of Corruption like it did in Legion (but it was an honor talent).

Man that was fun, instant Seeds with STS…

It’s a shame they really dialed back the fun with BfA class design. Instant Shadow Bolts can be fun but Nightfall is just such a lackluster talent. It either needs a big buff, a second component to it or they should just make it a passive like we talked about for many pages of this thread.

(Ojoverde) #1878

affliction at the bottom on m+ with arcane mages and sub rogues, what else probe blizzard need to buff affliction, also outlaw rogues are out of the chart, clearly need a nerf.

(Xoja) #1879

8.1.5 was such a sad patch compared to 7.1.5.

7.1.5 was a blockbuster for a lot of classes. I gotta wonder if they are saving the big guns for 8.2 with the supposed Heart of Azeroth abilities coming but then again I thought 8.1 or 8.1.5 would at least address all these dead talents.

Or maybe they’ve just given up on BfA class design.

I’d probably be more interested in playing my Warlock if there were more viable talent paths.

(Ojoverde) #1880

BFA class balance is dead, there will be only FOTM specs from what it seems so far, and tier god specs like rogues and DHs.

(Tinieblas) #1881

Keep dreaming. Demo stayed hot garbage all throughout Legion and this expansion is going to be no different with the current garbage specs because they never do real revamps mid-expansion as a norm.

Find something to play you can stomach till the end of this xpac or unsub and wait for the next xpac to fix it.

(Xoja) #1882

Sort of a pointless comment, but okay.

Edit: Weeeeeeeeeeeeelll, okay, I’ll bite.

Demo players have had it far worse than Affliction players. I don’t think that’s a valid comparison… Yes, I am unhappy with the current state of Affliction but I imagine a regular Demo player is about as jaded as they come. The spec has been reworked so many times and when it is finally good (very start of Legion, or BfA Alpha) it gets crushed immediately, like someone saw a cockroach and stepped on it. Affliction players are far more spoiled.

As for the second part, I’ve already done that, my friend. I still log on my Warlock to do some emissaries but that’s about it.

(Tinieblas) #1883

Who cares who has had it worse. The point is that their recent history over the past xpacs has been that specs released after closed beta pretty much stay the same gameplay wise and serious revamps or big tweaks to how spell works are a massive exception to the rule.

You’ve literally have filled this thread and others with your posts. How much has changed? That’s right, nothing. Maybe griping here is therapeutic for you, but these forums haven’t seen serious blue participation for a while, so maybe it’s time to think about what other use you could have for these fora if they are clearly not meant for player feedback to be acted upon.

(Xoja) #1884

Apparently you do… isn’t that why you bothered to mention how Demo was treated in Legion?

Are you really going into a feedback forum and worrying about how much feedback is being posted?

Perhaps this forum isn’t for you.

(Lockholiday) #1885

I just wish there was a light at the end of the tunnel for us PvP aff locks. Just a shimmer of hope

(Xoja) #1886

All they really need to do is separate Coil and Demonic Circle so we don’t have to choose between them and improve Affliction’s damage mechanics in PVP. We don’t even need a full-on rework, just similar changes they made to some classes in 8.1.

I said this in another thread but I think if they made Nightfall proc an instant Seed or UA instead of Shadowbolt it would alleviate a lot of problems without bringing the spec into levels of absurdity. It would alleviate some of the “busy” issues with PVP DoT management.

I wish they’d do something with some of the less-desirable (trying not to be hyperbolic here but I’ll just be honest, Endless Affliction is terrible and useless) honor talents.

(Lockholiday) #1887

Agreed 110%. Nightfall proc to a better/instant Seed would be huge, and give instant aoe where we are lacking along with the issue of corruption being removed constantly.

A higher tune on dot dmg and UA dispell would be significant.
Would love to see the demon armor honor talent rolled into baseline. Endless affliction should make UA hit triple dmg when dispelled(maybe a bit much but I can dream.) That would be worth using in pvp.

Coil really needs to be baseline for aff. We just don’t have any instant cc.

We could use a finisher. Say certain dots do extra dmg under specific health percentage.

Just off the top of my head, but at this point I would take anything.

(Fookí) #1888

bring back legion affliction - just tune down the damage/heals from drain soul and buff the DoTs for christ’s sake. AFL dots scare opponents about as much as UH dks’ diseases do… they honestly don’t.

(Jessail) #1889

I’d also hope that anything removing a UA causes the damage kicker to proc: Cloak, Bubbles etc.

(Tinieblas) #1890

I brought demo up as an example of a half assed spec never fixed during the expansion, not to say that demo has it worse than affliction. Legion affliction was atrocious in its release anyways and people would still feel it was atrocious if it hadn’t been totally overtuned throughout Legion because objectively speaking both Cataclysm and MoP versions of affliction were far better than Legion’s on-death centric mechanisms (and its subsequent feast or famine version).

This isn’t just a feedback forum. It’s a forum to discuss classes and items. As far as I’m aware by your latest posts, you haven’t even said anything that you haven’t said before. Griping is not feedback.

If you want some example of class discussion, here’s some: your reminiscing about soulflame is laughable. In any aoe scenario on high keystones or mythic raiding, it was a minuscule proportion of our aoe damage. It was a total gimmick and bringing it back won’t fix our aoe even remotely.

What would fix our aoe is making it so corruption doesn’t do pitiful damage and removing the detonation damage threshold component off SOC and reducing its cast time. The detonation damage also stands to be increased, but as a spell it would need to be buffed massively to provide a burst aoe option, which I don’t think developers want for affliction.

Aff has more dots than spriest but all of them combined don’t even outdamage SWP+VT. In essence, affliction’s damage is more diluted across several sources and involves more ramp up (revamping the agony mechanic to ramp up more quickly or remove the stack ramp up and give it some spell interaction instead like detonating for x damage everytime a shadowbolt/DS/DL tick lands would be more useful). Anything that lessens affliction’s ramp up helps in any case.

(Xoja) #1891

Tinieblas, you seem very bitter about something. And it seems like you are taking out that bitterness on me and cherry-picking a few of my posts.

You clearly haven’t read all of my posts if you are assuming that all I care about is Soul Flame. I hope you realize I actually created this thread and that it is about a lot more than one passive ability we had.

I have brought up MANY things about MANY different parts of Affliction and how useless a lot of our talents and abilities are.

With all due respect, you are just being a jerk for no reason. You should go find something else to take your frustrations out on. That is all.