Affliction Warlock Feedback

(Xoja) #1809

At low ratings it is pretty easy to bait people by loading up UAs/Darkglare/DB because they are trying to stop that damage instead of worrying about the Drain Life that will come when they don’t have ranged interrupts up/cc on DR or the healer is silenced from dispelling. I know this because I’ve been playing in low MMR range (1900-2100) and it’s easy for players to fall for little tricks.

But it’s also the reason why Destro is more popular at higher ratings. It offers more consistent pressure despite being a 3-min burst spec. It also enables other casters to get their pressure out by being intimidating. Destro can still do damage without the threat of dispels.

Aff has been FOTM at high ratings in the past because of great spread pressure, CC and defensives. Emphasis on drains and elongating the time it takes to get DoT pressure out has made it kind of a meme spec.

Despite that there are still great arena Aff locks out there and the spec is great in RBG team fights.

(Sefirosuwar) #1810

OMG they let you get off 3 chaos bolts : -____- without a single interrupt
Yeah that’s a “git gud” situation for sure
I never seem to have an issue against Destro locks 1v1.

(Xoja) #1811

Getting 3 CBs off with 2 or 3 Flashpoint traits is surprisingly easy actually, kinda funny how absurd Infernal can be if you have optimal ember SHARDS (sorry, fantasy derp) generation going.

(Sefirosuwar) #1812

I guess it can be easy to get them off but I mean if your focusing on that target to load them up with dots and your not even attempting to stop that… I mean come on.

(Xoja) #1813

Yeah Destro is pretty crazy with Haste, just messing around I noticed I had 60% Haste with Flashpoint/RE up. Combined with Backdraft that’s pretty crazy. Triple Flashpoint or 2x Flashpoint + 1 Crashing Chaos is great.

But it’s also what allows locks to get like 12+ Infernal Supremacy stacks and 60k+ (goes much higher I’m pretty sure) Chaos Bolts.

It used to be just about getting 2 Chaos Bolts off in MoP/WoD/Legion but now it’s just seeing how many you can actually get off.

My favorite was WotLK Destro, though. One Chaos Bolt since it had a cooldown and if you combined it with Conflag it was extremely deadly, especially if you had a Backlash Incinerate lined up from being melee’d.

(Drakaeon) #1814

don’t forget Soul Burn > Soul Fire instant cast to follow up the CB :slight_smile:

(Xoja) #1815

Soul Burn wasn’t added until 4.0 though :thinking:

You thinking of Cataclysm?

Soul Fire wasn’t even on my bar back then, I even checked my old screenshots to confirm :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It was a total noob trap spell in my eyes. I think some world PVP locks found ways to use it but it never fit into my playstyle.

(Drakaeon) #1816

Oh wow… so long ago the memories have merged lol.

I definitely used soulfire as an opener when ganking in WPvP though in Wrath.

In Cata it was fun loading up a casted soulfire into a soulburn soulfire to one shot people.

(Xoja) #1817

Haha for sure…

I mostly did 3s and 5s as Destro in Wrath, so it was more getting setups and comboing Chaos Bolt + Conflag with my ele’s EM + Frost Shock and riding the rating wave

It was very deadly, had a little rivalry with the Warrior that started the African Turtle Cleave trend because he was Horde on my server and we faced him with his Holy Paladin in 2s all the time, sometimes we ate his Shadowmourne but other times we globaled the hell out of him :wink:

Trait Stacking Disabled
(Jessail) #1818

So… the rankings are in now that 8.1 has been out long enough to get actual data… and affliction is… drumroll please: 6th worst DPS!

We have officially reached ‘into the ground’ nerf status!

(Xoja) #1819

Interesting. Goes up to middle of the pack for Heroic but also looks like Demo is pretty dominant now across the board.

(Jessail) #1820

Yep, looks like mission accomplished from a dev perspective. Ion has delivered what he promised.


This isnt exactly a bad thing tbh from PVE pov. Id rather play a spec thats slightly fun than a spec that isnt fun at all til they make the changes needed for Aff.

(Xoja) #1822

I don’t disagree. A spec being lower on the charts doesn’t mean it is killed or unplayable. But it does mean that the PVE tryhards (I mean no offense by that, I used to be one) will move away from it.

I’ve never been big on Demo so it being stronger doesn’t really make me want to play. Just not really into the playstyle. I like the thought of overwhelming opponents with demons and typically enjoy pet classes in RPGs but I can’t really say what it is, something about the spec just doesn’t feel exciting to me. Same with BM hunter - just haven’t had any interest in playing it for the last few expansions.

It’s really just the way Affliction plays that bugs me. The heavy single target burst design, the reliance on Inevitable Demise in PVP (which, BTW, if you gut this trait Affliction will have nothing going for it in PVP). The big lack of control we used to have - no Curse of Exhaustion or Shadowflame slow, Port/Coil competing in talents, etc. The half-assed “playstyles” we have to “choose” from - good luck playing anything but DB/DS: Misery. Most honor talents get no use outside of Gateway Mastery, Nether Ward, Demon Armor and Curse of Shadows.


Non taken , ive just done a full mythic uldir progression as AFF and well if its top tier again next tier i think id rather not play thats how boring it is , im no theory crafter but its the worst iv’e seen it since i started playing lock in wrath in terms of fun. With the silence coming from blizz i can’t really see anything meaningful happening to it til next expansion.

(Xoja) #1824

Definitely agree there.

The only thing keeping me playing Aff in general really is that I enjoy DoT management and attrition playstyles. But what we have currently is a step away from that.

The distinction just isn’t there anymore. Aff is a burst spec in a game where every other spec is a burst spec too, and I can definitely see where people aren’t going to play it competitively if the burst isn’t as good (which it isn’t now).

So much has been said in this thread and others about Affliction that there’s just nothing to go on anymore until changes are made. I hope that if anyone is actually reading this they realize that it’s not that the players have given up on feedback, it’s just that there is nothing else to say. It’s your turn to try to fix the combat in this game if you do care about it.

(Jessail) #1825

They’ve completely gutted what made affliction, affliction. Dot and Drain was at least closer… but we’re not made to burst, and UA stacking and the idea that affliction needs to burst needs to die.

(Xoja) #1826

If our single target build is going to be bursty and we don’t have a say in it can we at least get some flexibility with talents and build paths like we had in Legion?

There was clear distinction between single target and spread damage builds, and both worked in their respective environments.

Affliction did have a lot of strengths in Legion but a lot of that came from the artifact weapon and not really the flexibility we had with talents. Soul Flame is an example of this - a trait, not a talent.

(Jessail) #1827

At this point the only way we’ll get soul flame back or any useful tools is via azerite because they refuse to acknowledge the problem.

(Sefirosuwar) #1828

I mean the 8.2 neck, sounds likes its going to be a legion weapon copy.
and at this point I’m ok with that.
Removing the need for AP levels to unlock the 3 gear slots traits at all will be a good change.

So I’ve got hope that come 8.2 allot of the things that made specs more whole all the little traits that we lost with the weapons will make a return.
Might not be exact copies of them but similar or fill gaps that they left.

blizzard hears what everyone is saying they just don’t have the man power to make that kind of change that quick or hard - gutting a current system and then building a whole new one.

I hope aff gets some love when that sweeps across the board cause currently it just feels wrong… I’m just decent at single target burst with other classes being good at that and AOE.