Affliction Warlock Feedback

(Jessail) #1789

I remember old soulshatter it saddened me to see that. Now imagine if it didn’t suck.

(Sefirosuwar) #1790

it would just be another burst style mechanic : to add to affs burst mechanics. LOL its counter to Affs Traditional, Rot, Dot game play.
Which i’m cool with at this point I accept the burst and have given up on dots being meaningful.

(Eldrìtch) #1791

If they have to make aff ST burst then why cant they just go back to DS + MG which at least feels more like a rot spec. Doesn’t address multidotting issues but at least the rotation would feel 100x better.

(Sefirosuwar) #1792

cause drains are boring - If all the feedback they got from legion taught them anything is that drains are boring. I mean I miss the casting DS and spinning my toon around to see how many rotations I could get in before I had to recast.

(Jessail) #1793

Fair, I’d prefer to see us get back on the dot and rot train personally.

(Jessail) #1794

In your opinion. I liked legion afflock.

(Sefirosuwar) #1795

You left out my section about drain spinning I actually miss that. like for real LOL I fixed it.

But honestly I miss Snapshotting/MG/Soulbourn -the most - revert to mop that’s what I want.
(obviously not happening)

(Eldrìtch) #1796

I have these hopes for 9.0, maybe enough people have suggested this to make them actually do it (lol).

I really just want to see deathbolt and darkglare gone. I would rather just be dotting and nightfalling with MoP UA and Haunt shard spender.

(Xoja) #1797

Self-damaging for benefit totally fits the Warlock fantasy of sacrifice but the problem would just be that it would encourage targeting us even more, just to shut down our damage potential. It’s the sad reality of PVP. A lot of things about Affliction look good on paper but just don’t translate well to real gameplay because of the over-arching design of combat and the meta game.

The spec works, it’s just a little more mentally painful to play than it has been in the past.

Think I just prefer the old way… DoTs and spreading them are supreme but drains supplement our damage. On a baseline level Aff looks like it’s all about DoTs but really the Drain Life trait is king and there’s just no other way to play right now in PVP.

Not gonna lie too part of it is UA stacking. I know I’ve harped on about that but I think the current design ruined the ability. It was our heavy damage, dispel protection DoT but now it just serves too many purposes and has been tuned to not be as powerful because of its stacking nature.

(Sefirosuwar) #1798

And I agree with you on most stuff -
IDx3 is really just overall the only thing going for the spec -
My concern i thinking of the game right now If you were to give UA the big dot damage and dispel that it used to have. AFF gets even more boring and simplistic cause then they have to Nerf, ID, Deathbolt, Darkglare to shift the damage around. and you remove the fun of the cd’s and we have to just run around and survive not being able to put out any burst damage to counter the amount that is coming out over every other class.

So just wait to get stunned and interrupted and cc’d while all your trying to do is get your big cast dot out. and you manage to get 1 off and your LIKE YES I DID IT ( big damage over a long time) . and then you go back into the CC chain /pummeling you were in and then the other groups healer just heals through the damage. while you get bursted to death in lees then 3 seconds by every other class in the game.

ROT simply cannot exists in a world of BURST - unless they make us GODS of survival and then that’s no fun cause we just stand there and not care about damage. OR they make the dots so overpowered that there is no healing through them or dispelling you is a one shot.
We actually had that for the start of legion and that didn’t last long. UA dispel damage was a one shot healers falling over from it.
The issue is there is no counter play to overpowered dots. or overpowered dispel damage.
So the spec has to have things LIKE ID/DB/DARKGLARE and what ever new trait comes later on in expac. Again in pvp

(Xoja) #1799

Ideally I think shifting towards different design with Aff would happen if they changed UA stacking, giving us different ways to use shards hopefully. With the current design it wouldn’t really work, there is too much dependency on stacking UA and building up damage. They’d have to rework it entirely, something I might expect in a .0 patch maybe but not really mid-expansion.

In the meantime they could give us a way to make UA stronger/better in the current game. We got some useless talents right now that could be replaced or reworked. Giving us different playstyles that work would be good.

I agree to some extent, I think that they are afraid of breaking the game if they make Affliction heavy DoT spread pressure again. Plus it doesn’t fit with their esports model, hate to say it. They want big burst windows and “exciting” buttons to press.

I’d love to see that too.

Darkglare is probably one of the worst 3 minute cooldowns in the game in PVP.
Our DoTs can get dispelled as we cast it so that it renders the cooldown completely useless.

It really does not offer that much of a damage increase, just a window to get a bigger Deathbolt, meaning that the cooldown itself completes Deathbolt, not the other way around.

And our kill windows are not reliant on Darkglare at all. ID Drain Life is everything. Darkglare takes way too much setup for too little reward. If we didn’t have ID we’d just be completely useless in arenas and only mildly useful in BGs, if at all.

(Drakaeon) #1800

Even if Affliction right now had baseline undispellable dots (including UA) we still wouldn’t be top tier in PvP. Think about that.

(Xoja) #1801

Probably not, because there would of course be a penalty for having undispellable DoTs but also our DoTs don’t apply much pressure to begin with.

(Sefirosuwar) #1802

And that just comes back to the issue at hand -
High pressure passive dots - That cant be dispelled easily - Do not fit with the rest of the current game -
Rated PVP Content is about burst windows and exciting buttons - control and avoidance outside of that window.
ESports cause that.
There is nothing fun about watching someone eat dots that cant be dispelled or do redic damage that cant be avoided or you eat even bigger damage.

Dots on 2 targets and you start layering UA on the kill target and DBs/darkglare target at 60% health ticking down quickly -
enemy team is trying to through cd’s to save them.
But there healer is hit with a CC chain (no trinket avail) coming from your team mates.
the 2 dps on the other team turn try to go in on your healer as they can feel the pressure.
Not to worry though cause your healer throws up big cd’s and you throw a fear off on one of the dps.
You pop casting circle and DSM and and go for the 50 stack drain and BOOM kill.

That’s exciting and fun to watch also has counter play , ways it can be avoided or stopped.

example 2
But there is nothing exciting about watching UA and other dots just tick away on everything doing huge damage with no way to stop them. while the lock just runs around surviving.
the enemy teams healer just cant keep up and goes to dispel and gets hit with the backlash and dies. match is over and No visual Cd’s come out of the lock. nothing that can be seen stopped or avoided.
3rd party watching that is boring , Just get your dots up and watch the other team die.

that’s why I believe that we are never going to get a model like we previously had. It’s just counter to the way the game is designed and the money/ e sports model that they have set right now.

(Drakaeon) #1803

I played a match last night (i’ve finally given in and started playing Destro) where as I was focused on killing the enemy aff lock’s teammate, the lock stacked me up with 5x UAs + agony and corruption… it tickled. My healer didn’t even bother dispelling, just healed through it and my health never dropped below 80%.

I’m not saying the overt kill windows with stacked drains etc isn’t more exciting to watch or potentially even play, but Aff dots in pvp feel like wasted globals right now outside stacking up your drain.

(Jessail) #1804

This is why we desperately need MG back, because it would tickle until MG/DS hit then it would feel like you’re getting run over by a train.

(Xoja) #1805

MG/DS was a clean solution to the problem of finding distinction between multi-dotting and single target.

It definitely wasn’t my favorite design ever nor was it competitive at high ratings in PVP but it was clean.

What we have now is just cluttered and messy… they changed things for the sake of change. If they fix some of that clutter things might feel better or make more sense at least.

(Jessail) #1806

This always seems to come down to the fact that DoTs don’t work with the style of gameplay they want to have, which is fast paced and moving. DoTs are slow, they ramp, they take time and finesse. Other players don’t like dying to the person they just killed. DoT’s also don’t have burst. What DoTs can do is overwhelming unstoppable damage. The fact of the matter is that affliction just doesn’t fit in WoW anymore, the devs sort of papered over that with MG which allows them to kinda fix the aforementioned. But ultimately it’s not fixable because strong DoT’s just don’t work in a game where you need fast burst.

I guess what I’m saying is that while I’ll probably play affliction until I quit. I don’t expect our situation to improve, if anything we’ll get turned into a shadow priest clone and then pruned later.

(Sefirosuwar) #1807

During that match did that aff lock hit DeathBolt/Darkglare/curse of shadows? when he managed to get all that off? and or even attempt to cc or interrupt the healer - Cause I personally have done that and done way more then 80% health.

(Drakaeon) #1808

He didn’t have Dark Glare up and the ensuing deathbolt hit me for somewhere around 16k. The sad thing was that he loaded me up with all that while I chain casted 3 chaos bolts into his partner for the win. While this situation is a “Get Good” in terms of how that arena played out, the fact of the matter is that outside of the 3 min DG CD affliction is just wasting globals. Even with DG, if the dots r dispelled when the DG comes out, RIP.