Affliction Warlock Feedback

(Xoja) #1705

This is just sad. Worrying about mana is not part of being a Warlock, we had Life Tap to circumvent that. It was a core part of playing the class.

High mana costs for Fear and Drain Life are not even comparable to other things with high mana costs like Spellsteal. Mages don’t have to be concerned about mana for Polymorph or basic survival things.

Really trying to wrap my head around the logic that went into this.

(Jessail) #1706

Pretty sure it was something along the lines of “Whelp that’s everything” when removing all our ‘tankiness’

(Bowyonce) #1707

How was azerite addressed? Last I checked, it’s still there. And specs are still massively designed around having them stacked. Aff for example is terrible without it in PvP, and since it’s been nerfed, Aff will continue to fail next patch unless Shadowpriests carry them to higher ratings.

I’ll be really pissed about this that they will eventually convince themselves that Warlocks are in a good position in PvP when looking at the representation because Spriests are carrying them.

The problems with this class is severe. And they have half-assed fixes like that damn Casting Circle which is basically Unending Resolve without the DR, reduced CD but with a cast time and a leash. Find me another class designer that isn’t that HIGH when trying to decide class mechanics. S–t!

(Eldrìtch) #1708

Don’t get me wrong Im still very upset about the way aff is designed in BFA, I was just saying that azerite did get some needed changes after people complained enough (vendors, better traits, etc) so we shouldn’t give up hope.

(Sefirosuwar) #1709

my hope was gone when I chose warlock in BFA to begin with.
re-roll its faster and easier.

(Eldrìtch) #1710

I mean they did state in a recent Q&A that they were looking at changing affliction, so I am still excited to see that pan out. I certainly hope that pandemic invocation isn’t their only answer and that there is more to come.

There isn’t much in the way of ‘huge changes’ that would make aff more enjoyable for me at least. Swapping DS:M and darkglare, buffing dead talents, and transferring damage away from single target burst abilities into our DoTs would be great. The old dispel protection on UA should make a comeback (I didn’t do much pvp in legion but I believe at one point dispelling UA instantly dealt like twice the remaining damage or something like that?). Soul link should be brought back for all three specs.

I’m hoping that demon armor just becomes baseline, since it’s going to be mandatory, and because I hate having cool abilities locked behind pvp talents.

(Xoja) #1711

Well a lot of us are anticipating that but I’m not so sure we will see any of those changes because it hasn’t happened yet and it’s crunchtime for the patch, since it is less than 2 weeks away.

I was happy when they acknowledged it but actions speak louder than words here.

Part of me hopes it is taking time because they are working on solid improvements but the other part of me thinks we just won’t see anything and that they are done with classes for 8.1

They didn’t even do their usual Monday or Tuesday build this week, it could be because they are behind from the holiday week so maybe we will see something today or tomorrow. If not, next week is the final opportunity for them to put something on the PTR.


I’d like them to shift some damage around. We are not going to get a revamp thats for sure.

Nerf DB or get rid of it and replace it with Deaths embrace something like that. I hate db so much.

Shift some damage from DG into dots.

DS vs SB i’m over it pick one, get rid of the other. Having it as talent is just silly, it is so weak untalented is better. I prefer DS as a filler but i don’t care anymore just make a choice one or the other. Or make it a base execute.

Make portal base and add empowered gate to talents to double the range for group content.

Make shadow fury instant.

VT should act like PS in that its on a target and spreads no aiming can keep cast time.

GS gives % health and % damage increase like it used to it pretty much a dead talent at this point.

Idk , i don’t like the current version i know that, it basically feels like a ST 3 min killing machine.

Pls buff seed and Sudden onset traits so we can do some form of aoe.

@ Xoja keep up the good fight.

(Xoja) #1713


So, today’s PTR build has a nerf for UA.


Unstable Affliction Afflicts the target with [ 64% [ 58% of Spell Power ] Shadow damage over 8 sec. You may afflict a target with up to 5 Unstable Afflictions at once. You deal 10% increased damage to targets affected by your Unstable Affliction. If dispelled, deals [ 64% [ 58% of Spell Power ] damage to the dispeller and silences them for 4 sec. Refunds 1 Soul Shards if the target dies while afflicted. Warlock - Affliction Spec. Warlock - Affliction Spec. 1 Soul Shard. 40 yd range. 1.5 sec cast.

I also have a feeling that this may be the last PTR build. I could be wrong but next week is the last week before the patch.

So instead of addressing multi-DoT damage vs. single target like @Watcher said in a Q&A, we end up getting a simple 6% spell power nerf to UA.

I suppose a nerf to single target potential is expected but… once again, absolutely none of the real problems with this spec have been addressed. Still have useless honor talents like Endless Affliction and we are still confined to a sparse selection of utility and we are… surprise, still oriented around single target damage in PVP.


There you go, those are the only changes that blizzard know to do, just more nerfs to the spec instead of real fixes.


Yeh i saw this on wowhead, i can’t see them making sweeping changes to the core rotation or talents any time soon it will be nerf here , buff here (maybe) til next expansion even if the spec plays like crap. I just don’t know how they got so many things wrong not just aff.

(Jessail) #1716

I expected this sadly, blizz seems to be looking to beat us further into the dirt and kill off warlocks entirely.

(Ojoverde) #1717

Thats what we get when we paid for six months in advance sub fee, last time i remember this kind of offer from blizzard was WOD, any coincidence??? at least classes didnt feel like crap in WOD

(Xoja) #1718

It’s clear that they either don’t read these forums anymore or just don’t care about the feedback. And I’ve looked at the devs’ forum profiles, it literally shows <1 minute read time for them, so unless they just aren’t logged in when they are browsing the forums then they really do not read any of this. Thanks new forum metrics!

(Jessail) #1719

I’m not even sure they have accounts yet, quite a few threads such as this one that had blue posts don’t anymore. You can’t even find them anymore.

(Xoja) #1720

It’s a possibility, but either way I think it pretty much means it isn’t a priority for them.

Not sure why I give them the benefit of the doubt anymore.

(Jessail) #1721

I wish I couldn’t agree with this, but I see such hubris with the current dev team. It has lead to a really nasty cynicism within the player base (anecdotal I know, but it spreads). They really need to have a come to Thrall (take some humility from the green Jesus) talk and approach things from a much more humble state.

(Jessail) #1722

Ugg… just looked over the UA changes again… not only did they nerf the damage they nerfed the dispell protection too; as if we needed to be weaker in PvP. I really think they are trying to kill afflock now.

(Ramrodjones) #1723

This is literally something the warlock community has been complaining about since the inception of this expansion, even through beta. So what does blizzard do? Make our situation worse… lmfao. Is this spite? Legitimate hate for the warlock community by blizzard? I feel like I’ve been slapped in the face. This is actually so ridiculous it’s hilarious at this point. What a fricken’ joke lmao. This is supposed to be one of the best game developers on the planet and I think they all got a hold of some funky b0ng water, gave it a giant gulp and forgot how to do their jobs.

(Xoja) #1724

Nerfing the dispel damage of UA makes absolutely no sense. It already was easy enough for healers to deal with UA all of Legion because most of the time it was just a tickle.

There was plenty of feedback about that going into BfA, and yet UA was left in the same state (plus Contagion but that was mandatory for the ST build anyway), and actually worse off without the artifact trait that had a chance to reapply UA.

Nerfing the dispel damage further just encourages dispelling it even more.

It’s not fun blowing shards and casting multiple UAs just to have everything dispelled off cooldown. Perhaps this is some sick joke to make us not want to funnel UAs into one target. Spread pressure!