Affliction Warlock Feedback

(Xoja) #1661

It just fits with the Warlock theme of sacrifice, right?!

Sacrificing abilities to DK and DH, giving up playable races. The Warlock dream.

(Jessail) #1662

Don’t worry I’m sure they’ll just prune the class all together. /s

(Xoja) #1663

Would have liked this but I’m out of likes :roll_eyes:

I’m sure they would if it was feasible to delete a class. In fact, I’m pretty sure if WoW came out today with the current team working on it there would no Warlock class. For awhile there seems to have been a stigma with it and the little bit of lore the class has is pretty lackluster and void of development. Even the class hall in Legion was awkward (I didn’t hate it though).

(Jessail) #1664

It’s hard to find but it is there. On the alliance side we had just somewhat come out of the shadows and were still not trusted during vanilla. Hence why our trainers are in the hidden basement of an inn in the mage quarter. Newer players will never know this because the quests were removed in cata. The mount quests went a long way into explaining a lot of the class lore and our relationship with literally everybody else. Warlocks were not to be trusted, and we were making dark bargains for power. Kanathrad was not the exception, we were.

(Xoja) #1665

Well yeah we had the vanilla coven stuff and the pet/class quests which eventually got removed and Kanrethad but this was back when the Warlock class was cared for.

The flame just doesn’t burn like it used to, is more what I was getting at.

I’m excited for Classic though. Can’t wait to earn my pets and things like the Bloodrobe and the mounts all over again.

(Jessail) #1666

I’m mixed, on one hand I liked the fact that I had to earn class mounts and buy spells. That trainers mattered and so did levels. On the other hand I’m not looking forward to eight debuffs per mob (they’ve said that’s coming back) or the old quest log.

Edit: this is getting off topic. I’m going to stop replying unless I have actual feedback on Affliction.

(Xoja) #1667

Hmmm, at Blizzcon they said they were rolling with the 16 limit. Did they change their minds again? Either way we’ll be Shadow Bolt spamming fools.

No worries on my part. If we had something new to leave feedback about I would probably try to keep the thread relative to that but there’s not much else to say lol

(Jessail) #1668

Start a thread if there isn’t one already in the classic forums and @mention me. I’ll reply there.

(Xoja) #1669

I’m not too worried about it.

But one thing I think we could discuss here is Darkglare since we haven’t really had too much discussion about it.

I guess some questions that come to mind would be:

Is it fine in its current form?
Does it fit for Affliction?


(Jessail) #1670

Personally I’m of the opinion that it doesn’t really fit the aesthetic of DOT and drain. But this goes back to the whole core of should Affliction even have burst; my personal answer is no.

As I mentioned above I really don’t think it does. Affliction is the slow moving freight train of death. We will kill you even after we’re dead.

(Eldrìtch) #1671

I’ve been thinking about this a lot. Darkglare’s chief purpose is really to synergize with deathbolt. If you aren’t running deathbolt, then you are losing a big part of darkglare’s functionality. In my opinion this is not how baseline spells should be designed.

Dark soul: misery on the other hand fully compliments really any build you can imagine running on aff lock as it is just a haste buff. This benefits all your abilities, whereas darkglare seems like it was designed chiefly with deathbolt in mind.

I think that Dark Soul: Misery needs to swap places with Summon Darkglare. DS:M should be baseline, SD should be a level 100 talent. This way you can make a deathbolt and darkglare build, or a drain soul and creeping death build.

IMO this would fix a lot of my issues with aff lock as it is right now. I greatly prefer pooling/sniping shards and then spending them vs keeping maintenance for 3 minutes then repeating my opener.

(Alkii) #1672

I just want options. It’s either Deathbolt or bust. I want the other options to be as good as Deathbolt. I want to sometimes play an “execute” drain playstyle on certain bosses.

Right now, I cannot do that and it’s disheartening. But at the end of the day, I’d much rather see the focus go towards Demonology. I absolutely love that spec, but it just doesn’t do well in today’s raids.

(Sefirosuwar) #1673

I actually really like the Idea : To see a swap between Dark Glare and DS:M , would actually make allot more sense for AFF.

Drain soul needs a MG style mechanic built into it (Dot damage increase during drain or a dot tick rate increase during drain)

What I really want to see is Soul Conduit being removed and a Talent that extends base line dot duration’s and during execute gives bonus damage % on dots.
Synergies with all level 15 talents
Drain soul up time increased dealing more damage during execute range-
Also buffs Death Bolt Damage
Gives you more free time for SB casts plus the execute damage.

This would give you 3 total builds to run

Night Fall - Creeping - DSM (SHADOW BOLT MOBILITY Build)
Drain Soul - New Talent (dot extend/execute) - DSM (DRAIN SUSTAIN BUILD)
Deathbolt - Darkglare - DSM - (BURST BUILD)

Nightfall works best with Creeping Death - the constant refreshing of dots and instant cast SB’s (nightfall does needs a tuning buff on the amount of SB’s)

Drain and (New talent) - Would allow for the 2 to buff each other DS up time increase dot damage and extended dots baseline increase drain soul up time.

Deathbolt - Darkglare - DSM - (BURST BUILD) - We know how this works its on live.

let me know what you think but I feel like this would be good for AFF and the players choice.

(Xoja) #1674

Swapping DS:M and Darkglare is something I’ve thought about too and I think it would feel better overall but not sure if that’s something they would actually consider.

I also thought that could have not added Darkglare and made DS:M a baseline but more “supreme” kind of cooldown, maybe something like applying or refreshing Agony during DS:M also applies an additional, undispellable DoT called Misery (in addition to the haste, of course). Can only be applied once per target while DS:M is up.

(Masoschism) #1675

Isn’t it going to be 16? Patch 1.12 was 16…

(Yatogami) #1676

Patch dropping soon warlocks still crap

(Xoja) #1677

I didn’t expect to see anything on a holiday week but at this point I don’t expect to see any additional updates to Affliction.

There are only 2 Tuesdays left before the patch. The likelihood that they will put up a rework to test in that time is pretty low I would think. If it happens, it happens - but it also gives further evidence of how crunched for time they have been with BfA development.

It’s been almost a year since Alpha feedback started. 8 months or so for Beta. Countless issues with class design in general have been pointed out and ignored for the most part.

Ion mentioned shifting PVP Affliction damage towards multi-dotting a few months ago and here we are with 2 WoW weeks left before the first major patch with nothing related to that on the horizon.

Sure there are two possible weeks left but I suspect we’ve just been lied to and strung along. That combined with how long some of us have been leaving the same feedback feels awful.

Affliction is my favorite spec in the game. Warlocks that only care about raiding and Mythic+ may be content with it because it performs but to me, to see the spec continue in its current form that is both not exciting or fun in PVP and but an empty shell of what it used to be, I just don’t know what to say. I would say I could write a dissertation on it but I think I already have.

(Ratfink) #1678

I was pretty happy with WoD affliction, soul swap was great, but this time around I just don’t like the design. If you take Haunt and Siphon Life, you have basically 5 dots to maintain, and deathbolt makes that harder to do. All the GCDs involved just make this feel bad and too spammy. I was a fan of Drain Soul, but I’d rather it have a weaker MG effect built in than the execute. Darkglare is interesting, but I think I’d rather have an all the time pet that had a weaker effect and DS:M in place

(Jessail) #1679

No it’s just as bad feeling in PvE. It’s very button spam heavy in comparison to past iterations. DPS on meters is wholly dependent on getting a very particular, and potentially tricky depending on RNG, opener off that is very situational and doesn’t work in all cases. We’re largely garbage in Mythic+ in comparison to Melee or faster ramp casters such as mages or even destro/demo. Right now affliction only really shines in raid and even then only in select circumstances. Don’t get me wrong… affliction has always been ‘slow’ but the introduction of RNG into that slow and the removal of DS/MG that was our sole way around that really hurts. Soul swap would alleviate some of that, but to make that shine we’d really need DS/MG as well and I don’t see us getting all three.

(Xoja) #1680

Yeah I mean it doesn’t feel good to me in PVE either but I have been pretty casual this expansion so far so I can’t speak as someone who regularly does M+ or even heroic raiding right now.

It’s mostly due to the lack of fun for me.

I was perplexed about the re-addition of Siphon Life coinciding with the change to UA stacking (in Legion).

The spec feels busy in the wrong way. Siphon Life is perfectly fine as an option in my book but UA stacking is the thing that does not belong.

It felt a little better in Legion because of MG/DS and the 2 UA sweet spot but the reintroduction of Shadow Bolt and other BfA changes has taken most of the smooth feel out of the spec. It’s very cluttered and awkward comparatively.