Affliction Warlock Feedback

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I know not all threads made it over in this forum, maybe just the ones with Blizzard replies or they may have marked the ones they wanted to keep beyond the 2 week rule.

Who knows.

Either way it’s time for feast or famine. The feedback is there, the patch is a little over 3 weeks away.

(Ramrodjones) #1642

Did they fix us yet?

Signed - A Concerned Warlock

(Eldrìtch) #1643

God I miss this so much. Having our burst window tied to UAs and MG drain was so much more fun than having it tied to a three minute cooldown and deathbolt.

(Xoja) #1644

Though I’ve never been a fan of UA stacking and would prefer we revisit pre-Legion designs, I will say I did like the feel of Drain Soul with MG and I also think that the distinction between multi-dotting and single target builds was handled pretty well in Legion, for both PVE and PVP.

A lot of specs had more defined strengths in Legion, it wasn’t just Affliction like everyone seems to think. They took a lot away from class design in general.

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Nevermind, I must have fat fingered the settings button and toggled it off like a dolt :weary:


@Eldrìtch Different players will appreciate different kinds of gameplay. That is what the talents were supposed to do, give different kinds of gameplay choices to the player, but instead the devs have opted to put gameplay changing choices in the Azerite traits instead. Personally, I did not care for Drain Soul / Malefic Grasp gameplay, it was extremely boring to me. The three minute cooldown centric gameplay is bad as well, but I take DSM to give me a 2 minute CD to play around. The problem in this is that Darkglare and highest burst really only happens once during short fights.

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Warlocks still in purgatory

(Jessail) #1647

I’m getting the feeling that this is the Devs way of enforcing the “no king lives forever” by making the QoL for warlocks to the point they give up and play something else.

(Xoja) #1648

I think it’s an unintended result of class design in this expansion all around. They decided to take strengths away from every class so pretty much everything feels worse, but some classes still won the lottery like DH at least with utility.

(Jessail) #1649

I actually think the issues with class design go back to the decision to throw out all the class design work prior to Mists. Basically vanilla was horribly unbalanced (horde favored due to shamans). BC, Wrath, Cata, and Mists all built on that to finally “balance” it. In WoD they threw all that work out because “We can’t keep adding abilities” allegedly.
That means that the normal ways of tuning classes with talent trees are now impossible because there aren’t multiple metas for each class only strict specs. As such each spec can only have one “True” meta (play the highlander theme in your head). In essence Blizz has done literally everything they can to make their lives harder. Because where you could previously tweak one individual talent, or a combination for the right results (small leavers) those no longer exist. Nor do the additional stats and resistances that also helped. People forget that one of the earliest warlock balancing acts was to move chaos bolt from being “Chaos” damage that literally nothing in the game had resistance to, to something else; they didn’t need to change anything else… just the damage type.

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Hmm quote didn’t generate correctly

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I actually think the issues with class design go back to the decision to throw out all the class design work prior to Mists. [/quote]

Well I was more referring to just BfA but if we are talking big picture I blame a lot on changes going back to Cataclysm :yum:

I always think of WotLK class design as the “final form” of the original game. Most of the design principles were improved on and classes gained things more than they lost them.

Before Cata, I played my Paladin and Warlock almost equally, but Cataclysm ruined the Paladin class for me - to this day I do not like it. I try it with every new expansion and can’t do it.

But for Warlocks, Cata and MoP were wonderful, especially for Affliction. My perspective includes PVP too.

I still haven’t forgiven what they did with Paladins. And now I’m starting to feel that way about Warlocks too, it’s been a bit of a snowball effect going back to WoD. Legion Affliction took time but it grew on me in PVE, didn’t enjoy it quite so much in PVP but I still played a little bit anyway.

For the life of me I don’t understand why they don’t listen to feedback about class design iterations people thought were better. I’m sure it’s a mixture of ego and the desire to change things so often, but we’ve gone too far down a road I don’t know if we can turn around on.

The Paladin road ended for me, and I think the Warlock one might soon.

(Jessail) #1651

That… and I suspect they can’t directly revert the code. Like most things that complicated it was probably held together with spit, duck tape, and prayers. They could probably rebuild it to be less garbage now but that would require time/money/people/will and I’m not seeing any of that towards class design at the moment.

(Xoja) #1652

I’ve thought about that too, the game runs on the same engine but it has changed so much and with all the combat changes and the little things that have been updated over the years we will probably never see any unpruning or major reworks to classes unless they drastically overhaul combat to be like it used to.

The game allows for simplistic class design now.

They have saved the development data over the years too though, so who knows.

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Doin’ us a bumpie

(Xoja) #1654

So since the new forums carried over I noticed something. And of course this is just observation and there is nothing concrete about it, but I noticed from looking at this and the Shadow Priest post that Seph’s profile is just a standard one now, and not a Blizzard one.

Don’t know if this is something to do with the forum migration but the rest of the devs and CMs look to have their profiles. You can also view his profile, something you can’t do with the other Blizzard ones.

So I wonder if maybe he got moved to another game or project or if he’s still working on WoW specs still. Maybe we have a new dev? Maybe we don’t have one at all? :open_mouth:

(Diora) #1655

Just from the the lack of communication so far and the fact they didnt even announce what little changes they have made to affliction. I would have to assume we dont have a dev lol.


As I understand it, Holinka was brought back to the WoW team and appointed head of anything dealing with combat design recently. This very well may include class designs in respect to combat as well, or at least someone they need to consult regarding some changes. I cannot be sure of what that would mean for any class in particular, but we have seen a number of the changes that he had implemented and oversaw since as far back as MoP PvP designs.

Now back then all that he was over PvP, he was using what tools were in the game to make combat as interesting and fun as he could. He worked on a number of PvP systems that were well regarded generally, with a few duds that were more a result of class or equipment designs and restrictions. I would like to believe that he could make more of a difference since his role now includes everything regarding combat (I would assume that means some kind of input on class designs as well). Given how the recent opportunities of the company have been squandered however, I am not putting much hope in it.

Given the information provided about the company’s goals that we have seen so far, it is almost best to just have no positive expectations at all and simply be happily surprised if they manage to do something good. I think what we need and want should be fairly apparent at this point, but whether it is taken to heart and iterated upon is anyone’s guess at this point.

(Sefirosuwar) #1657

We have 3 more Tuesdays till the launch of 8.1 - and still sitting here hoping for something to be said.
It’s like blizzard is giving us the cold shoulder.

For me its been really depressing to even get on my lock.

Boomkin is where i have started moving to leveling that and (lively spirit+incarn) is so much fun. Cant imagine how its gonna feel at max level with gear.

(Xoja) #1658

Yeah Boomy is pretty good. One of the better casters right now, and really well-rounded.

Good burst, DoT pressure, good utility, decent mobility and good enough survivability

I mean why Aff when Boomy just does it all better lol

(Sefirosuwar) #1659

Yeah and on top of all of that - I can also be zandalari on that toon since you know druid zandalari didn’t get removed from after being announced at blizzcon like warlocks…

(Diora) #1660

I couldnt bring myself to level an alt . I want to play my lock. lol . I dont have a ton of free time to play. Dont want to waste it leveling alts.