Affliction Warlock Class Set Tuning – March 8

Hasn’t the hybrid tax been a dead idea for nearly a decade?

It was changed to a pure tax.

I can buy that. I love my healer and/or tank q’s.

No it just has been changed to a pure dps taxe. If the only thing you can do is dps then you will do less dps unless there’s 10 stacked mobs to attacks.

[edit] oups i was beat to it should read the replies first :frowning:

Absolutely not. I’d rather have a punishing 50 stack Drain Life. That spell isn’t exactly something that I prefer to spam in hopes of a free rapture proc when I can have meaningful damage in windows instead.

Tie it to UA, Corruption or Agony ticks makes more sense for PvP. The issue with the current set is it’s actually punishing to cast Shadow Bolt or Drain Life in PvP, even if the latter was baseline. It’s not making those spells worth casting, it’s making the set bonus punishing to use.

this change was not big enough to fix aff’s single target issues - as well as it never resolved its complete uselessness in PVP. They had to go so far as removing a talent in pvp and putting in a new one in an attempt to force us to use it to get nightfall so that we actually cast shadowbolt in PVP… why can they just not fix the tier.

what if you try to revive dead talents and put some in the 4 piece bonus like you do in torghast, for example “you get the talent writhe in agony” or “soul conduit” and thus give us the possibility to try new things, obviously always trying to balance everything that this entails. I think you are focusing a lot on MR, when you yourselves gave us the build sow the seeds to kill that again.

a buff is necessary for warlock affliction in M+, I see that blizzard believes the affliction is for pvp, but no, in my case I don’t play destro or demo, and the affliction is quite useless in Miticas Plus, since Blizzard still believes that the gameplay from Affliction is absolute corruption and Vile Taint, for an AOE scenario, and it’s not, why? because by precasting the seed and putting corruption on everyone, then comes a Vile Taint that also consumes a shard, then??? we are left with only 1 shard to hit only 1 malefic -.-, clearly the AOE scenario in the M+ is seed of corruption!!! so what happens here? our overall falls due to the bad ST that our class has, should it be BUFFERED as soon as possible, or modify the tier set so that it maintains its damage and increases it, let’s talk about the warrior fury? who only uses 3 rekleness abilities, Covenant and Blade Storm and is already bursting 150k in a pack? eat on!!! need WARLOCK AFFLICTION BUFF FOR MYTHIC PLUS, I HOPE THIS IS READ BY A GM! and remember that only warlock Affliction WE DO NOT PLAY WITH ABSOLUTE CORRUPTION OR VILE TAINT IN THE M+!!! WE PLAY IS WITH SEED OF CORRUPTION!

Warlock has two specs that are absolutely blasting in M+ if your expectation is for all specs to be good in M+ you are tripping! Especially when 99% of players will just play whats strongest anyway lmao. You saying " I don’t play destro or demo " is silly to me, you play warlock learn the class, or struggle as a stubborn aff only player.

It’s wild to me as a warlock player you can see Demo and Destro on the very top of the dps rankings for M+ and say " Nah that’s just not me, id rather play aff " I think aff is much cooler and more fun than the other two specs but your expectation is unrealistic.

Because people have certain play styles. I, myself, am an Affliction player because I don’t do non DoT specs. Demo is not a DoT spec, it’s a pet spec. Destro is a non DoT spec, too. If it doesn’t do DoTs, I’m not actually interested. The same goes for healing, too. I play Resto Druid and Affliction Lock because they’re both “over time” specs, which is all I personally care about.

I don’t need it to do mega big damage. I just need this spec to feel good playing and it literally doesn’t feel good playing. I don’t mean, again, feeling good as in top of the meters or anything like that. I just want to get my DoTs up faster before the mobs are dead and have a lot less buttons /GCDs needed to be pressed.

I don’t enjoy the StS build, I’d rather just have regular DoT style and have a talent where SoC spreads Agony, too, on the first time it does damage to a mob, and then juggle Agony, Corr and UAs around. Have UA become a regular DoT and just have 3 DoTs, nothing more.

Right now Affliction has a good 7-9 DoTs on it which is too many GCDs and too many buttons to have to press, and that’s not even including CDs, either. Need the first time SoC damages an enemy for it to spread Agony to them and Corruption or like how Spriest have a talent where their SW:P and VT are on the same button.

But yeah, people all have different playstyles. Top or Mythic only raiders see nothing but classes. Other players see nothing but specs.


I’m of the same mindset as you. I enjoy dot specs. I love dot management and consistent damage profiles. I like that the challenge is juggling multiple targets and timing your refresh (RIP snapshotting).

I find that all these burst specs are so far from what I enjoy that I have ended up healing more often than not b/c shadow has completely gotten away from consistent, predictable dmg to a burst spec (happened in Legion) and now affliction has a burst profile crammed in the middle of it and the power of the dots has disappeared.

Maybe our playstyle isnt supported in modern wow?