Affliction vs psyfiend?


Why does deathbolt, a 30 sec cooldown hit for 1 hp against a psyfiend? Why can’t I dot psyfiend? Why can’t I banish psyfiend.


I believe Psyfiend is immune to CC and DOTs. It also has only 10 HP.

(Dillon) #3

Prolly just use your pet to kill it, only advice I can give here

Bright side is it should be close enough to the priest

(Efx) #4

What a weird complaint. The thing dies if you even look at it.

(Nevercurse) #5

Not using pet sac as affliction is a big dps loss tho :frowning:

I would communicate to your partners to kill it

(Setback) #6

Roll up yo sleeves and give em da club. Run up, bash its brains in and establish dominance.

Make sure to spit on the priest after and look him intently in the eye and type /no


I agree. however stopping drinks is very important and haunt is stronger overall.

(Nevercurse) #8

In my experience the only healers that drink are druids and our pets aren’t fast enough to catch them before they restealth. And haunt is too unreliable because it gets dispelled, has a 15 second cooldown and isn’t really castable when trained by melee


You play affliction in 3s too?

And sure, but I tend to use haunts on healers in bashes. I use casting circle to get it off after they use up their stuns.

Other than the bash. haunt is just another UA to me. it can be dispelled whenever, I can just reapply ua.


banish it ( 10 chars)

(Bigbilly) #11

Pull a sterge’ and wack it with your staff


the guy is a MULTI RANK 1 AFFLICTION warlock dude i dont think u need to try and teach him haunting a healer in a bash like they are going to die to that LMAO why do u think u never see affliction in anything remotely competitive

(Sinvalin) #13

It’s a legit complaint from affliction. They cannot kill it unless they hard cast. Most afflic locks run gosac, which means no pet to kill psyfiend.

Their only option is shadowbolt or banish. Both of which can get you kicked, and locked out of everything.

Honestly it shouldn’t be immune to dots. Melee get to passively cleave it down, why can’t casters? At least a dot killing it would let it tick once or twice, melee kill it as soon as it’s out