Affliction is perfect just the way it is

I understand that affliction is quite a busy spec but it also allows for high mobility and high single target / cleave dps, we couldn’t have it any better. That’s also not taking into account the scaling of secondary stats that will probably take place in the later tiers.

I remember back in MOP when destro was the OP dps spec in general and affliction was only good on multi target boss fights such as the second boss in Siege of Orgrimmar, so its refreshing to see it shining again.

It’s fun and engaging but there is some downtime, though minimal, to re-gather attention on raid mechanics, and again the mobility is huge, having many instacasts at our disposal along with shard generation taking place over a somewhat long period of time so that its not necessary to use MR immediately after generating a soul shard.

In regards to trash AOE dps, it took me a while to get the hang of it but it is possible to have good trash AOE dps (trash mobs, not the dps).
On first target: seed of corruption agony, tab agony, MR spam, tab agony MR, tab agony, MR etc, when you don’t have soul shard just keep applying dots around and when you get a soul shard immediately spend it, while using seed of corruption each time the group corruption fades. Also Phanton Singularity and Soul Rot help substantially.

I wouldn’t mind seeing longer dot times but I don’t think affliction requires any modification in its current form.

Just one person’s opinion on the internet.



Better AOE rotation is: Seed > Haunt > UA > Agony > PS / Soul Rot > Tab Agony everything > ML spam.

Our performance is very good if played well. The problem is the amount of effort it takes to play Affliction well vs every other spec that is competitive / better than us requiring 1/5th the effort. Having a 7-9 dot rotation, not to mention adding multiple targets makes the spec incredibly tedious to play. I’ve been playing Lock since TBC and am so comfortable on this spec it’s basically like breathing to me. And now with the amount of management required I constantly have to stress out on my rotation. And this is coming from a 95-99 parsing Warlock.

Keeping a pure ST rotation of dots is no problem but add in 2-3 dots on 1-2 more targets and there’s basically no time to ML in between managing all your dots. Something as simple as baking in SL into Corruption or increasing the duration of all our dots by 20% would fix most of the problems I have with Affliction at the moment.


Stockholm syndrome is a hell of a drug.


Not trying to be a dick, but your normal parses in Nathria are nearly all grey, you have a few greens, and the spec is 10/10? I’m still learning the rapture stuff but I’ve parsed a couple purples in normal Nathria, I’ve only done a few H bosses.

Like others have said who have played Lock for a long time, there is things that need to be changed. Things that other classes have as QoL features.

But if the spec is 10/10, and you wouldn’t change anything, why are you not performing very well with it?


I really enjoy the spec. I feel like most of the issues are resolved with it using good weakauras (a hotbar that lights up dots running out + one that turns healthbars flashing purple when agony is running out).


I would like the spec a whole lot more if SL and corruption lasted 20 seconds each. On 2 target fights it can be quite annoying keeping all dots up and dealing with mechs. While I by no means am a pro at the spec thats just my 2 cents


I would share the same sentiment others have stated here… I love affliction, hate playing anything else, even though I can, it’s not preferred. But I have to work 5x harder to keep up numbers somewhere near the top DPS numbers and I still fall short. I feel like the effort put into the class/spec is not worth the outcome of DPS… it’s like spending 100 dollars on a single donut, yeah the donut is delicious and you like it,… but that’s a whole lot of money for the 1 donut! Extend the dot times, make them hit a little harder and baseline SE in my opinion. just my 2 cents! oh and I know this is just me wishing on a star but PLEASE make Voidwalker stronger and not take 6 seconds to summon! If he dies and Fel Dom is not up I’m screwed!


The issue is by the time you get to dumping shards with MR in that rotation, other specs have already been bursting like mad, only for you to slightly catch up to them.

Balance Druids, Hunters, DKs, even WW monks can do your Malefic Rapture damage and better in a quarter the time it takes you to set it all up.

Affliction is way too busy.


A black harvest warlock thinks affliction is perfect the way it is? Very disappoint.


Just wondering, why use PS/SR prior to Agony spreading. Considering GCDs when you tab 3-4, you won’t have much time left on SR to see value from it in MR would you?

Unless you SoC>Haunt>UA>DSM>spread Agony-PS>SR DGL MR . That’s what I usually do in M+ DSM after UA allows me time to spread some Agony and still get value from MR before a dot refresh if DGL is down.

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This topic is toxic. By posting that aff is “great how it is” you are basically telling blizz that it doesn’t need any changes, which is completely false. This is why so many poor specs, such as demo, are not getting changes as a handful of ppl are saying its “good”.
It’s good that you like it. Im glad it fits your dps mentality. However, 10/10 is completely illogical. Thats like saying there is ZERO needed spec changes.
It would be more appropriate to a say, hey i enjoy the spec very much and its fun to play, but there are definitely changes that are needed.
Besides, let’s be honest, if aff wasn’t top 5 dps for raids and wasn’t in some of the m+ top teams, you would say what the rest of us have been saying: the spec needs dot dmg and utility, ramp time need tinkering, and spec pruning. Not also including that our major cd needs reworked badly.


A player posting feed back that he likes a certain spec and thinks its perfect the way it is is not toxic , seriously


There is a lot of things they could do. They could add three seconds to each dot, they could drop DGL to a two min cd like nearly every other class, they could revert pet summon times. Although so far that’s really only been an issue in Torghast for me. As I climb in iLvl, pet can take more.

If they put DGL on a two min cd though, that leaves them work they probably don’t want to do, as they would most likely would get rid of Dark Caller and have to think of something else to replace it.

They could make SL baseline and also make SL be applied along with SoC, or they could just give SL five more seconds of duration.

Lower the GCD, but a lot of this I could see creating problems down the line and make Aff possibly scale extremely well with haste causing cascading problems with the spec vastly over performing due to the amount of MR that could be attained in a SR window. I mean yes, we would still be tied to shard gen as an absolute on how many we can do, but it’s something they might have thought about already.

In PvE AC could be baked into baseline, while not helping much with ramp, it could free a talent choice for a different design and drop the amount of GCDs being used.

Probably stupid ideas though.


for how bad of a CD it is 2minutes is warranted id agree…
make Dark Caller empower mike wazowski to AOE his beams or give them a chain lightning style function.

gonna disagree on the AC/SL recommendations, i dont think those need to be baselined they each serve a pretty decent purpose IMO in terms of payoff and skill capping. a half GCD on dot refreshing would be nice but is probbaly idealistic.

definitely not stupid ideas; this thread as a whole has been a fun read

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Exactly this.


It is, because the title basically undermines everyone else who expresses their voice on the spec.

“perfect just the way it is” “10/10”

OP clearly was counteracting the threads that state their mind on the spec. Not to mention him saying affliction was only good on multi target boss fights and hes glad to see its shining again. Affliction has always shone. What many people are saying is that its play style is clunky and dots don’t do damage that really feel meaningful without the pressures of malefic rupture, no one is confused on how to play so the whole rotation sequence was kind of condescending.

“I don’t think affliction requires any modification in its current form” is pretty ridiculous. You think affliction is absolutely perfect the way it is? You just said you wouldn’t mind seeing longer dot times. If affliction is 10/10 why would you want longer dot times?

Things like this are reasons issues don’t get resolved.


Having a different opinion to someone is not toxic.

Also I never said aff was a 10/10 but I dont think someone who says its perfect is toxic thats their opinion.

And to think because one person loves the spec and thinks its perfect is why classes don’t get changed is woefully ignorant.


Not everyone can get purple parse, that wouldn’t mathematically make sense.

People aren’t okay with fire mage because every fire mage gets a purple parse, not parsing well does not indicate a problem with the spec, if that were the case every spec would have a problem because every spec has grey parses.

I dont think any changes are needed

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Cool. You’re opinion is wrong but thats ok. You can be wrong all day and night, no ones gonna come stop you.