Affliction is hilariously bad

At this point, all I can do is laugh at what used to be my favorite spec or way to play in any game. A “poison” based spec that deals damage over time no longer exists. It is now a tickle spec that deals weak burst and decent execute only with proper legendaries. It feels like the treatment demo got in WoD, or survival in WoD, like they are purposefully making the spec so terrible that no one will play it in anticipation of a total rework in the next expac. It will likely be a heavy burst spec, since that’s what the entire game is based around now.


To me the fault lays with a few things. Primarily Darkglare (kind of) and Malefic Rapture (Primary Culprit)

Ima’ probably make a thread about this right now.


They broke everything, instead of just leaving it until the next expansion they nerfed it. now no one is complaining about locks because we are easy now. now they will go onto other classes like warrior, hunter, rogues. however, none of them have been touched. not to mention demonic embrace is not giving the extra 10% in health even if it states it in pvp. the only health increase we got was from the Stam increase on the Trinks. If they didn’t allow set bonuses in pvp none of this probably would even be a thing.


I noticed this too. but the devs don’t care. If it was a druid, mage or rogue, it would’ve been hot fixed.


Pet sac is still bugged in arenas. For a spec that is GCD-starved and has to ride out and drop a gateway and portal before the unga bunga get to us, having to also sacrifice a pet is time we usually don’t have.

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While I find the gameplay still fun-ish (this is a new toon on a fresh server) I do wish that our play style was closer to Legion. I loathe Malefic Rapture with a passion and hope we’ll see some change to its implementation in 10.0

Yeah, I just prefer having execute DoTs back along with Malefic Grasp Drain Soul style play for ST. For those who don’t know, with AC talented the 2pc or 4pc makes it so your MRs make your Corruptions tick again every time.

I wish that they did this for MR as a spell; Every time you use MR it just makes all DoTs currently out tick again, which would have been really cool to have.

Both this kind of play and then execute DoTs would have been an amazing style for DoT damage, but alas it didn’t happen that way. I hate MR myself, too.

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It does. It just only happens in instanced PvP content. Having warmode on does not apply the extra stamina, but when you enter an Arena or Battleground, the stamina bonus does take effect. At least that’s been my experience and those who were testing with me. If you are for sure not experiencing a difference, definitely make a bug report

its only the 10% buff, not the 20% when you are in PvP instance.

? We didn’t gain 20% stam this patch we basically kept the 10% from demon armor while in a pvp instance, and then have the additional stam from pvp set bonus

You’ve got two great specs. Enough nonsense.

You realize not everyone plays every spec, correct? There’s a lot of players who just want to play a single spec. Doesn’t matter how good or bad the other specs are on the class, they play the one favorite spec of theirs and don’t worry bout the others.

To you that might seem dumb, to a lot of others, it’s their play style.

Warlocks have 3 different play styles: Affliction the DoT spec, which was supposed to be hardly any burst and mostly all sustained damage oriented. Destruction the full on burst spec and then Demo the pet spec that is the middle ground between the two.

It’s only nonsense to the top of the top of the top end who play every single spec because they play whatever number is the highest. To a lot of players, playing solely by the numbers is also a lot of nonsense.


While this is a fair point, affliction warlock is hardly a priority, along with BM hunter. If you only want to play one spec, you unfortunately have to deal with being at the mercy of tuning.

There are much bigger priorities than making sure a class with two great specs has a third.

I definitely agree that making the dots essentially multipliers that buff MR damage really changed the feel of the spec for the worse.

I just want us to be a rot spec again, and I would kill for the rerun of Malefic Grasp.

Why do warlocks love picking on druids? Every thread in the warlock forums someone says something about druids :confused:

Oh I agree, but things like “you’ve already got 2 great specs” and all of that are said by people who play classes. A lot of players do not play a class, they play a single spec of a class, much like how in Legion most players were never “I’m a Warlock” they were “I’m an Affliction Warlock” instead. Legion had 36 classes, not 36 specs.

Cause Druids always be coming into Warlock threads. That, and a lot of Druid specs are similar to Warlock specs.

Feral is a DoT spec, much like Aff. Balance is similar to Destro. Resto is a healing version of Affliction. At least the Affliction spec like back in Legion, not the Affliction spec of now.

Feral used to be all about bleeds and nothing but bleeds. Balance used to be about Moonfire/Sunfire and I think Insect Swarm once upon a time before they began making Balance more about Starsurges and whatnot.

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Feral is more like rogue than feral, so does that mean you consider assassination to be like aff aswell?

I would say this is the exact opposite, the only thing they have in common is they are casters. Destro is about doing big cast setups every few minutes, balance is more build up then instant cast.

Actually balance was all about the eclipse damage back in the day, the dots were never the selling point of balance(like aff). Sunfire/Moonfire were good, sure, but they were just fillers to press. And Insect Swarm was just for the low mana cost and increased chance for the raid boss to not hit your tank.

Feral is like a Rogue in that they both use energy and combo points. Feral is or used to be all about bleeds, thus a DoT spec.

Yes, Assassination was another DoT spec much like Affliction, and Idk if it’s like this now, but it also used to have 2 diff paths for talent tree: more bleed damage or more poison damage. Both of these were DoT playstyles, just a bit different.

Balance, especially Nightfae and Venthyr, was literally nothing but a big set up every 2-3 minutes. Nightfae had Convokes which was quite a few instant cast Starsurges. Venthyr you did a big 30-35 second build up/ramp into a 5 second burst window before the nerf to the legendary/conduit. I think now it’s a 3 second burst window.

Fair enough, maybe I’m thinking of a diff time period then or I just didn’t get what it was back then.

They were full on the selling point in PvP. That’s where the memefire memes come from. Continuously spamming Moonfire on players in PvP because it did more direct damage to players with Moonfire on them when you hit them with Moonfire again.

It also was a small DoT, too, which was fun.

Nonetheless, though, Shadow Priest was always the one most intertwined with Affliction and always played so closely with Affliction in every other expansion really. Resto Druid was the same faction Affliction spec. You just hotted up your allies and it was fun.

I don’t need 100% Legion Aff back, but I do need it close. I just want Affliction in 10.0 to go back to being a rot style spec with a few DoTs, Malefic Grasp, Drain Soul baseline with an option to make DS damage heal for a % of it’s damage done, and execute DoTs back. Execute DoTs are one of the best things Affliction has had in it’s toolkit before and Malefic Grasp was the next best thing in its toolkit. Nothing more satisfying to me than actually feeling like I’m rotting their very soul away through Malefic Grasp Drain Soul, especially during execute phase.

They also need to add Drain Soul/Shadow Bolt into the Mastery section so it gets buffed by Mastery, too. It’s so weird that everything else is buffed by Mastery except DS/SB.

And? Assassination is still closer to feral as they both use bleeds. Assassination and feral have energy, combo points, and dots. Feral and aff have dots, nothing else.

Except venthyr is not really played at all anymore. NF is, again, a build up and then you just spend a bunch of instant casts.

Yes but you didn’t kill anyone with this unless:

  1. They didn’t have equal gear
  2. Equal level
  3. A healer

Moonfire spam was a meme because it was a joke of being able to kill someone with it. Playing on wrath private servers I can tell you no one really spams moonfire to kill.