Affliction: Bring it back to its roots

They can’t do this because of their mindset in design

They don’t think dot specs should out perform others on multi target. Therefore dots cannot deal good damage on their own. They must be trivial with some kind of modifier that allocates most of the damage to one target

Enter haunt and malefic rapture + UA debuff

Now you have a spec who can dot multiple targets, but cannot crush other specs while doing so. You’ll get trivial damage from your multi dot and be the same as everyone else on single target

Welcome to Blizzards crap design philosophy that no spec should have a niche damage profile :upside_down_face:


on spread multi target/council it does tho (aff was the best spec on pantheon until relatively recently and thats because destro took over)

this is called a single target tuning knob, when your spender is by default AOE, it needs to have some modifiers to ST or else it will be awful (as it is on ST right now)


What a boring take zzz

my guy, wait until you learn about wow classic!


So rather than your dps being based on skill, you’d rather have it based on poor balance. Got it.

yeah you got it d00d hang in there

MR is a huge step up from UA overlap design though, specifically when considering multiple targets.

If the problem is DoTs feel undertuned or your resource dump trumps all, ask for a buff to your DoT damage. If it’s too low then it’s too low, ask for it specifically and ask for it over and over.

All balancing woes about being “scared” of things “scaling out of control” on things like multi-target situations and such have just about been swiftly and brutally shut down by this hilarious gap that exists right now from outlier to low end specs, with strengths being where weaknesses should be logically and vice versa, it’s just not even a worry at this point.

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It needs to have burst or it won’t be viable in any content.

Our dots need to do the damage not some gimmick spell. Legion Aff was awesome.





Even legion had burst windows as affliction.

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No it didn’t. All dots

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You set your burst windows up with the legion artifact.

So yes you still had burst windows

No it was all dots. Especially UA

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I mean you’re one hundred percent wrong.

I played aff lock during Legion. No burst

So did I. You must have just been bad at it.

Nah I was godly especially in pvp. Your attitude and sentence are hurtful. Go troll the hunters


Doubt it. What was your locks name?

I’m not trolling. I also play a warlock.

Bring back power to our dots!!!


Still waiting on your warlocks name.