Afflicted is an Absolute Design Miss

You can use bop to save party members targeted by fixate.

LMAO. This is your contribution? BOP that has a 5 minute CD? When every pull leading to the first boss has Fixate? You also said members. No, BOP can only save 1.


Sounds like a skill issue to me.

I’m not the one dying. Good to know you literally have no argument and now you are just straight up trolling.

Sorry, got caught up with a thing before responding. Isolating this week definitely shows a meaningful uptick of paladins, shamans, priests, and druids. In fact, the only other notable statistic beyond the have-nots being underselected is that MW is steady on with its numbers from past weeks.

It being Week #4 with a sample size of ~41k players notwithstanding, I think maybe taking the seasonwide numbers and trying to make the case that nothing’s wrong this week simply with those as a basis dilutes fair analysis a hair. This is definitely a this-week problem. To be clear, I think Incorp is appropriate. Afflicted is clearly unique in the field with regard to impact and exclusivity.

Does this mean Warlock can? With Succy?

That is for incorporeal, something more locks already had fear and banish to deal with them. If anything, that is more to deal with death Knights and Priests while also giving warriors the ability to delete them with Shattering throw.

A stealth hotfix was put out allowing that to happen before but Control undead was 100% busted so they reverted it. Guess they fixed that bug and let it work again.

I already answered someone saying the same thing.

Oh, lmao duh. Idk why I thought it was about Afflicted.

It’s not a healer affix…

Try this in the second pack in vortex and see you group die as both wind debuffs come in instantly. If any debuff which rips your group don’t get despelled by the heal because of bad players like you it’s gg.

Incorporeal got nerfed already and it was far better to deal with.

Afflicted will follow soon as it gets far more hate than incorporeal.

It’s garbage game design

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Try being a DK these last two weeks


you need ppl with dispel for this afix and the classes that can do that are few, making the other classes not be considered in order to be accepted in stones. It’s like a jade temple that you were only looking for a mague or shaman to remove the curse and that’s disgusting in an affix


Everyone except Rogue, Warlock, Warrior, Hunter, and Demon Hunter can contribute to the current new affix yet you will still probably want those classes for other reasons (Rogue and Hunter can dispel raging, which kills more people than Afflicted, warrior does mongo damage and demon hunter can buff caster damage).

Feels nice that I can’t play Arms 2 weeks in a row.

Guess I’m tanking this season, again.


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2nd week for Warriors and DKs.

Pretty coooool

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I healed an Underrot 16 last night with a Prot Paladin, Shadow Priest, Mage and Rogue. The SP, Mage and Paladin handled most of the afflicted and I was able to focus on healing. I would have struggled to deal with the affix if I had to deal with it solo. Unlike incorporeal, these mobs are difficult to see. Mouse over macros work but it would be better if we all got a separate action button to deal with them instead of class stacking to trivialize it.

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<3 I know it. I feel for you. At the very least, Rogues were able to sort of deal with Incorporeal. However, as I mentioned somewhere above, the only real benefit for Rogues last week was that it was a great litmus test for understanding just how short of a cooldown people incorrectly assume Blind has (post-nerf, it’s now a 5-second incap on a 2-minute cooldown, super duper OP big utility nerf Rogue). Very revealing.

Small comfort: at least you can tank? I just get to cycle through my specs and then log out.

I find it hard for my Lock and Hunter to get in higher keys this week, Sure Warr/DK/DH/Rouge are all screwed as well.

Agreed, but wow is the only AAA game I know if that has a useless UI.

Last 2 weeks have never been more friendly to our hybrid classes healer classes. Between hard CC and dispels/off heals it’s only natural for groups to gravitate towards those solutions.

Meanwhile you have the disgustingly bloated kit of prot Pld dunking on both weeks while still being meta before this.

It’s not a huge deal, the affix is practically free to coordinated groups. It sucks that the optics are even there in the first place. No one is bringing warrior for commanding shout or dk for AMZ, plus you can’t interact with 2 weeks of affixes that are going to rotate in frequently. Not to mention spiteful sucks for them too compared to something like a hunter.

I really don’t get this design philosophy.