<Aeon> Stormreaver 6/8M LF Guild Merger



Aeon is a fairly large guild of over 700 people and 400 accounts on Stormreaver. We have two casual teams and one semi-hardcore team. Ultimately our goal is to push content as quickly as we can. Currently our core team is struggling to stay afloat because a lot of people are quitting WoW/Leaving the guild because of the amount of people quitting WoW. We have around 10-15 very solid raiders and we want to push mythic content further in the future. We’re considering going off server to reform our guild, to push content as far as we can and we’re looking for another guild in a similar situation to possibly merge with. Our raid times are Tues/Thurs 9:30pm -12:30am CST hoping for a third day in the future. We can be somewhat flexible on raid times but only 30 to an hour earlier.

Most of our raiders are willing to transfer to a different server and potentially merge with another guild to push content even further. If you’re interested you can either respond to the post or add me on bnet: Claire#1300