<Aegis> Mythic Prog Guild 6/9M 9/9H AtDH LFM | Flex Raiders, M+, and Casual Oriented Players Welcome!


Aegis is a Mythic progression guild on US-Stormrage. Traditionally, our singular focus has been in this Mythic progression. We have achieved AOTC with ease every tier since our inception, and then pushed into mythic. With 10.1, we are looking to broaden our horizons with the start of a Mythic + team, as well as more focused efforts in building a community of players to do content with on a daily to weekly basis.

Mythic Progression Team

Raid Days & Times: Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 9PM - 12AM EST/Server

Progress: 6/9M (20% Smolderon) Amirdrassil || 7/9M AtSC, 5/8M VotI

Desired Classes:

  • RDPS Specifically for DPS
  • Any exceptional healer can be considered, strong preference for MW monk currently
  • Strong tank candidates can be considered

About Flex Raiding:
We’re all people with busy lives irl. Many times, a core raider has plans that will interfere with raid night. Flex raiders are guild members capable of performing in Mythic reclears and prog to fill in on nights a main raider can’t make it. They aren’t held accountable for attendance against the schedule, but are thus not always going be raiding every night/week. This group of people is also the first group we look to in terms of bringing on a new raider should a main raider fall short of expectations or otherwise be brought off the team.

Contact: Tokkul#6691 on Discord [Best] / MrTerkyMan#1185 on Bnet / Tokkull in game

We are a semi-hardcore raid team that looks to push into Mythic each tier, while still having fun. We don’t want raiders to have the game feel like a job - we want to push content to as high a level as possible without sacrificing people’s enjoyment. If you’re interested in learning more details about our raid team, please reach out to Tokkul via any of the points of contact listed above.


We are now looking for and welcoming anyone interested in finding a home to run keys with. The goal here is to have a “team” of sorts, made up of any member interested in doing keys on a semi-regular basis. We have many raiders that push 20’s and above and hope to augment them with M+ focused players that are also looking to push high keys. On the flipside of the coin, we also have a variety of non-raiders who play keys at a variety of levels. We welcome anyone interested in doing M+ either as their main form of game engagement, or as a side activity to have a place to go to before having to pug. Anyone of any skill level is welcome to join seeking out M+ in any of these situations. Raiders, their alts, M+ focused members, and casuals/socials can come together at key levels of all skill levels and play together for fun, to push, and to develop their skill!

Casual/Flex Raiding

As we grow, we hope to hold off-night raiding events for the more casual players in the guild. These would be open to just about anyone! Raider alts, M+ team members of all levels, casuals, socials- whatever you classify yourself as, we can help you clear the current raid content and have fun without the pressure of committing to a scheduled raid team. Usually held on the weekends, we plan to run Normal and/or Heroic clears of the current raid content to help gear folks alts for the Mythic team or M+ players, as well as provide an avenue for the more casual folks to see the content and maybe get AOTC when they wouldn’t have otherwise. As the tier progresses, to invest in our base we also may bring folks along that categorize themselves in this bucket to Heroic and Mythic farm bosses so they can see the fights and get some extra gear.

A Fun Place To Hang Out

Here is the TLDR list of what Aegis has and is looking to expand on. If you’re interested in any of the following, feel free to reach out and join us!

  • Mythic Raiding
  • High End Mythic+, +20’s and above
  • Mythic+ +19’s and below
  • Casual, non-committal Normal & Heroic raiding
  • Having a home to chat and hang out in while doing your own thing

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DK (10/10H) here, can play unholy or frost…haven’t raided much mythic since days of WoD and Legion, but would be interested in talking with you. battletag is Reece#11312…thanks and best of luck

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Still looking for a restore druid? I haven’t seen you on today.

Apologies for missing this. The best way to reach me is to add me on B.net and whisper me or via discord.

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