<Adversary> 2 Day Raid Recruiting for CE (5/10M 10/10H)

Good afternoon! We are in search of quality players who are looking to push CE 2-day-a-week raiding in Shadowlands!

Adversary is a guild that’s been around for a couple of years ran by a close-knit group of friends! We are looking to add exceptional players to our mythic team! We also have an active mythic plus community for those looking to push keys. We are 5/10 Mythic.

Our raid days are Wed/Thurs 730-11PM EST.
We raid optional heroic from 7:30-8:00 PM EST, and then mythic raid begins at 8:00 PM EST.

Currently Recruiting:


Disc Priest

Melee DPS:

Ranged DPS:
We are seeking 2 ranged DPS and will consider all applicants.

If your class isn’t listed, we are always seeking exceptional players so please don’t hesitate to contact us!

BNET: Khromah#1755
Discord: Khromah#1532


Bumping up top!

Bump! Still looking :smiley:

Bumping again, we have spots for trials tonight!

We have a couple of core mythic raid spots available! Please contact for more details!

to the top we go!

Our recruitment needs have been updated! We have a mythic spot available for a trial or two for this weeks raid!!

Bumping, still looking for players!

We’re making fantastic progress on Inerva!! We have also updated our recruitment needs!

Holy pally here! Contact me at btag Hikorro#1739

Inerva is sub ~15%!!! We should get the kill tonight! We are still in need of a range dps!

Cleared Inerva last week now working on Sun King and Xy’mox. In need of Ranged Dps!

still looking!!!

We are in need of a ranged DPS or two, however we will consider all exceptional applicants!! Lets kill sun king :smiley:

YO still looking :slight_smile:

Sun king down!

hi interested in joing the team Latte#11519

Boosting! Come join us! We have cookies!

go ahead and add Khromah#1755 on bnet!